About Accordance 12 Collections

Accordance 12 brings a new slate of Collections to our Store, with discounted packages tailored for every user.
We have teamed up with several publishers to bring you the best deals and values that we could arrange.

Free Accordance Lite


Introducing Accordance Lite: a free version but not just a demo. Accordance Lite is not limited by time, you can use it for as long as you like. It includes a basic set of resources as well as the free ESV with Strong’s numbers. You can purchase and add most modules to Accordance Lite, and easily read and search them. Many features of Accordance are fully functional, only some are disabled until you upgrade to the full version of Accordance 12. Best of all, when you upgrade, the application converts itself and you continue to enjoy your resources and your settings, with increased capabilities and no hassles.

Accordance 12 Starter



Accordance 12 Starter provides the full power of Accordance with additional modern resources. It’s a starter set and an upgrade rolled into one, and of course it’s included in the English, Greek, and Hebrew Collections.

The Starter Collection has a 30 day money back guarantee as do our special English, Greek, and Hebrew Starters.

Tracks Tailored for You

Then we offer a mix-and-match choice of “tracks,” each one in a series of “levels” to match your purse and your interests. The budget Learner level leads to the top-value Discoverer level with more resources for the serious student. The Pro level is aimed at advanced students, teachers, and clergy, while the Expert level adds a wide variety of resources for researchers and writers. Finally each Master Collection includes all the resources in that track, updated periodically, and combined in the All-in All.

  • The English track includes the English translations of the Bible, and a massive array of commentaries, dictionaries, writings, and other tools to illuminate and enliven your Bible study.
  • The foundational Greek and Hebrew resources are combined at the Learner and Discoverer levels, but at the higher levels the tracks split to facilitate specialization. All our original texts, grammars, apparatus, syntax databases, and other tools are included in these tracks.
  • The Graphics track (an add-on to the Starter) offers our improved, unique, interactive Atlas and Timeline. The four levels include collections of photos with Biblical links, genealogies, published Atlases, reconstructions, and more.
  • The Triple Learner and Triple Discoverer combine the tracks at each level to offer discounted all-round packages, ideal starting points for students and clergy.
  • Our Custom Upgrade system is now even more powerful. Just add the packages of interest to the cart together with any special offer or discount, and it will give you the best possible price on each item that you don’t already own.

How to Choose?

So, how to choose? On our Collection Comparison page you can check out the price of each Collection, and compare the contents of any packages. If you are signed in, you will immediately see which items would be added to your Library with that purchase. Go as high as you can on the tracks that interest you, and consider adding a Triple to round out your Library. Add each item to your cart and check the low price and great value that the system offers.

Don’t forget that in the store you can buy most resources on their own or in smaller add-on bundles. You can pick and choose to completely customize your Library if you want, but the Collections do offer huge savings.

What About Upgrades?

What about upgrade pricing? The Starter 12 Collection is $59.90, and we offer the following upgrades from earlier versions:

Upgrade from Accordance 11: $49.90
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Upgrade from Accordance 10: $54.90
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Upgrade from Accordance 9 or earlier: $59.90
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These upgrade prices will be applied automatically with your Custom Upgrade to any English, Greek, or Hebrew Track.

Please take this opportunity to explore the 12 Collections and place your order, so that you can enjoy the great new features of our cutting edge, simply brilliant, Accordance 12.