Aug 23, 2012 David Lang

Accordance 10 Constructs Now Look as Sleek as They Work

The Accordance Construct window has been around from the very beginning. In fact, when I first saw an early prototype of Accordance way back in 1992, our lead programmer was showing how you could drag grammatical tags onto the Construct window to perform incredibly powerful searches. Accordance was the first Bible study program to offer such a graphical search interface, and it enabled students and scholars to search the original texts of the Bible without having to become experts in computer science.

Back when I first saw it, the Construct window had that simple, understated monochrome appearance of most Mac apps. Over time we added a little color, anti-aliasing, and shading, but the appearance of the Construct window never changed all that much. So as with most other aspects of the interface, we gave the Construct window a complete overhaul for Accordance 10. Now the Construct window looks as sleek and smooth as it operates.


We hope those of you who already use the Construct window will enjoy its new look. And now that it looks more inviting, we hope those of you who haven't yet taken advantage of it will give it a try.

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Archived Comments

Julie Falling

August 23, 2012 11:39 AM

David - It looks great, and the color coding is not just beautiful, but helpful as well.  Well done, all you good and faithful servants.

Danny Zacharias

August 24, 2012 12:54 PM

For user-friendliness, I've often thought it would be good if, after a second or so of hovering, a little-tool tip could pop up of the various buttons offering a brief explanation of what the item is. This would be especially helpful for the syntax items.