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Accordance 10 Roundup: Advanced Collection

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Advanced Collection Overview

advanced collection

The Advanced Collection is a premium library of research-grade Bible texts and study tools. This set includes everything in the Essential Collection, and builds upon that foundation by adding a wealth of new Bible commentaries, dictionaries, original language tools, historical works, theological writings, and translated ancient texts. It is worth noting that this is the first Collection to include the BHS and NA28 apparatus tools, making it a good choice for those interested in text-critical studies. The Advanced Collection also adds high-end commentaries that pastors are sure to love. In fact, the value of new commentaries alone justifies making the jump from the Essential Collection to the Advanced Collection. Altogether, this Collection offers more than $10,000 of print value for just $999.99.


Advanced Collection Video Overview

Module Highlights

In addition to many new tools, the Advanced Collection also includes every module in the Starter Collection, Bible Study Collection, Original Languages Collection, and Essential Collection. You can click on the respective images below to learn about some of the standout modules in each of those Collections.

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Below are some of the new modules in the Advanced Collection that I have found helpful in my own Bible study.

Pillar New Testament Commentary (14 volumes)

pill-matt The Pillar New Testament Commentary offers some of the best scholarship on New Testament passages that you will find. These volumes offer solid exegetical insights that help readers understand the meaning of the text. The authors discuss Greek words and phrases, but these are transliterated and explained, so you don't need to be a Greek expert. Pillar also addresses issues relevant to contemporary debate, but it it doesn't get bogged down in technical details. The main downside is that this series doesn't cover every book of the New Testament yet, but the volumes it does cover are excellent.

Individual Price: $399.99

John Phillips Exploring Commentary Set (27 volumes)

Phillips-set-smThe John Phillips' Exploring  Commentary is a wonderful resource for pastors, Sunday school teachers, and students. Preachers will especially benefit from these volumes, as Dr. Phillips includes detailed outlines, illustrations, and quotations that can be used for sermons and lessons. The Phillips commentary will be especially useful for those that follow an expository teaching method (this is how the outlines are structured), but others will still appreciate Phillips' down-to-earth comments and exegetical insights. His style is also quite devotional, making this a good resource for personal growth.

Individual Price: $199.99

IVP Reference Collection (14 unique reference works)

ivp This set is one of my favorite Accordance bundles. It includes 14 unique reference works, including a variety of commentaries and dictionaries. Some of these tools are general, like the New Bible Dictionary, while others are more focused, like the Dictionary of the Later New Testament and its Developments. I'm especially a fan of the OT and NT Bible Background Commentaries, which offer great historical insights about the world fo the Bible. The only potential drawback is that these are all one-volume resources, so they don't always offer the level of depth that you will need on a given subject.

Individual Price: $144.99

BHS Hebrew Bible with morphological tagging and apparatus

BHScover-sm This is the full BHS text, complete with text-critical apparatus. The text itself includes sigla marks to identify the apparatus notes, and the apparatus tool scrolls in sync with the text as you read. This is an indespensible tool for anyone who plans on doing text-critical work with the Hebrew Bible. The text is also morphologically tagged, allowing you to search the Hebrew Bible grammatically. For example, you can search for all nifal 2nd person imperfect verbs in the Hebrew Bible. This tagging also allows you to view cross-highlighting with your English text just by hovering over a word.

Individual Price: $109.99

NA28 Greek New Testament with morphological tagging and apparatus

NA28_120 This is the full NA28 text, complete with text-critical apparatus. The text includes sigla marks to identify apparatus notes, and the apparatus tool scrolls in sync with the text as you read. The 28th edition received a number of updates over the NA27, which you can learn about in our NA28 release post. This text is also morphologically tagged, allowing you to view Instant Details and cross-highlighting by hovering your cursor over a word. This also allows you to search the NA28 using morphological tags in both the main search view and the graphical construct window.

Individual Price: $109.99

BDB Complete Hebrew Lexicon

bdb This complete edition of BDB includes all the information found in the print edition, but it is organized in an easy-to-follow outline format. Our developers personally went through the entire BDB, organizing entries into indented sections and optimizing the layout for readability. We also included all of the scripture references found in the print edition, which are hyperlinked and fully integrated with Instant Details. This means you can hover your cursor over any verse reference to instantly view the full text. If you use the BDB Abridged as one of your main lexicons, you'll love this Complete edition.

Individual Price: $69.99

Other Notable Modules:


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The Advanced Collection offers a premium library of English, Greek, and Hebrew Bible study tools.
If you are a new Accordance user, or if you do not have a custom upgrade path to the Advanced Collection, just click on the Buy Now button below to add this product to your cart.


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Upgrade Paths

If you own the Accordance 9 Bible Study Bundle or the Accordance 10 Essential Collection, you have a custom upgrade path to the Advanced Collection. Follow the link below to discover your upgrade path.



If you own a different Accordance 9 Collection or an Accordance 8 Scholar's Collection, you may still qualify for a special 10% discount by double upgrading (first to Essential, then to Advanced). Contact our friendly sales team by email, phone, or live chat to ask about this option.

Feel free to post any questions you might have about the Advanced Collection in the comments below. I'll be posting on the Ultimate Collection next, so stay connected!

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