Accordance 11 in Mac App Store

Accordance 11 is now available on the Mac App Store! Here are the details of the differences between a purchase on this website and from the App Store:

Mac App Store

  • Requires Intel Macs running OSX 10.8.5 or later
  • Updates are released through the Mac App Store
  • Updates may be delayed due to Apple’s approval process
  • Possibility of future iCloud support
  • No upgrade price for the major rev
  • No special discounts are available for full-time students, ministers, or teachers
  • Requires a separate download of the Accordance files for each “user” running Accordance on your computer
  • May require you to redownload your current Accordance modules due to sandboxing. This is the case if they are currently in your local HD rather than your user folder.
  • Only the Accordance 11 Starter Collection is available*

Direct from Accordance

  • Requires Intel Macs running OSX 10.6 or later
  • Updates are released as in-app downloads
  • Updates are released as soon as they are ready
  • Paid upgrades are discounted
  • iCloud support not available, but other sync options like Dropbox are available
  • Special discounts are available for full-time students, ministers, and teachers
  • You have the option to move the Accordance files to a location that is accessible to all users on your computer
  • All Accordance 11 Collections are available

* Once you register your Mac App Store purchase, you can order a custom upgrade to a larger Collection on our website. You will receive credit for the App Store purchase. If you do not automatically see the discount in your cart, be sure to send the order to manual processing with a note requesting the credit and our sales team will adjust the price before charging your card. We appreciate your patience as we process the order.


Upgrading in the Mac App Store

Apple has no provision for an upgrade price so all previous owners will need to pay the full $59.99.

Users of the App Store version of 10 should first install the free upgrade to 10.4.6 so that version 11 on the App Store will be able to access all their previous files.

The free upgrade from 11.0.4 to 11.0.7 is now available in the Mac App Store under Updates.


Credits and Discounts

Any registered user of Accordance 10 who purchases version 11 on the App Store, may use coupon Start11AppStore-up to get $10 off the next purchase in our web store.