May 12, 2015 Helen Brown

Just Released: Accordance 11.0.6 for Windows & Macintosh

Accordance 11.0.6 has just been released for both Macintosh and Windows. More than just bug fixes, his release brings brand new functionality to Accordance.

Now users can untie scrolling of parallel panes by clicking on the Action Menu (the icon that looks like a gear) and choosing "Untie Scrolling." This allows the user to access content in one pane without moving the others. The untied panes can be tied again by accessing the Action Menu and choosing "Tie Scrolling." Pressing the shift key changes these menu items to Untie All Scrolling/Tie All Scrolling.

This image shows how to untie the Jewish Study Bible from the other panes.

Click on the image above for a larger view.

Another handy new feature resets the "focus" of all the tied non-text panes to the selected verse. A simple control-click (Windows) or command-click (Mac) in a verse anywhere in a text pane will scroll all tied non-text panes to the selected verse (instead of the verse at the top of the panes). This lets the user study the verse in its context and view the relevant information in the Info pane, and any commentaries, notes, or syntax in the same tab.

In this image, a command-click in Numbers 3:25 has aligned the commentary and the Info pane to that verse.

Click on the image above for a larger view.

See the New Features since Version 11 for a complete list of the changes and bug fixes in this and previous versions.

Update to Accordance 11.0.6 by running "Check for App Update" (Accordance Application menu on Macintosh or Utilities menu in Windows). If you use the Mac App Store version, please wait for a notification of the next update in the App Store.

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