Apr 3, 2017 Richard Mansfield

Updated! Accordance 12.0.5 for Windows & Mac


Accordance 12 Update Accordance 12 continues to improve with yet another free update. Accordance 12.0.5 for Windows & Mac adds continued improvements to Papers, Stacks, Research, User Tools, User Notes and more.

New Features

  • Added new accord URL action type “research,” that will open a Research tab with the specified parameters.


  • Significantly improved the typing and edit speed for long User Notes and Tools and removed the User Tool Block Size preference.
  • Get Verses references now use the native book name if chosen for the module.
  • Added support for Copy Search URL from the Research Entry box.
  • Research results for verses in a text will no longer return verses past the last verse in a chapter.
  • Added automatic web and internal tool link parsing to the Stack.
  • The Info Pane Word List now takes up less space.
  • Added Set Paper Display to its action menu.
  • Added Undo support when adjusting Stack items
  • The Paper Bibliography is now sorted by Author and ignores duplicate entries.
  • Saving a Paper as RTF now includes the End Notes and/or Bibliography, properly formatted.
  • Minor updates to Helena font.
  • Plus bug fixes.

If you have Accordance 12.0 through 12.0.4 and haven't done so already, you can get Accordance 12.0.5 for free by running “Check for App Update” on the Accordance menu on the Mac or the Utilities menu in Windows.

To see everything new since last November, see our “New Features Since 12.0” page.

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