Mar 9, 2009 David Lang

Accordance 8.2: German, Spanish Localization and More

I'm pleased to announce that Accordance 8.2 is now available for download. This update is free for all users of Accordance 8.x and offers a number of new enhancements.

German and Spanish Localization: By far the biggest enhancement is the localization of the Accordance interface for German and Spanish. If your primary system language is German or Spanish, you'll now see a localized version of the Accordance interface.


Amplifying down the line: When you triple-click a word or verse, Accordance looks that word or verse up in your default dictionary or commentary. If that word or verse is not found in your default tool, Accordance 8.2 will now move on to the next tool of that type, and the next, and the next until the word or verse is found.

Searching for Hebrew Inflected Forms: When you select a word in the Hebrew Bible and option-click the Search button on the Resource palette (or control-click the word and choose Search For Inflected), Accordance will search the Hebrew Bible for the inflected form of the word you selected. In version 8.1 we began adding the equals sign to these inflected searches so that vowel pointing would be taken into consideration. This gives a narrower search for the exact inflected form selected. In 8.2, this enhancement has been further enhanced to better account for words with prefixes and suffixes.

Distinguishing f from ff: A while back, I blogged about how you could add "f" or "ff" after a verse reference to find all the verses, chapters, or books which follow that reference. Technically, "f" and "ff" mean two different things. A single "f" refers to a single verse following the reference, while "ff" refers to multiple verses following. In 8.2, we now distinguish between "f" and "ff."

Close All Panes but One: If you click the close icon of a tab in the workspace, that tab closes; but a little known trick is that you can option-click the close icon of the tab you want to keep, and all the other tabs will close. (By the way, this same trick works for closing tabs in Safari.) In Accordance 8.2, we extended this same trick to apply to window panes as well as to workspace tabs. Thus, if you have a window with five panes, and you option-click the close icon of the pane you want to keep, all the other panes will close.

Diagram Enhancements: Several improvements have been made to the snapping and movement of objects in the diagram window. One new feature is that you can select an object, then hold down the option key while pressing the arrow keys to move that object one pixel at a time. This enables you to make precise adjustments no matter what grid spacing options you've chosen.

Opening a Resource as a Window rather than a Tab: If you hold down the command key while opening a resource from the Resource palette, that resource will open in a separate window rather than as a workspace tab. That's a feature that's been around for as long we've had the tabbed workspace. But someone recently pointed out on our forums that the command key option didn't extend to opening a resource from the Library window. So we fixed it, and that user only had to wait a couple weeks to get what he wanted.

Search Challenge Fixes: While we're talking about quick fixes, our recent blog search challenge ended up revealing a couple bugs. First, the wildcard search for words with a letter repeated five times missed some valid occurrences. Second, when you changed the Sort of an Analysis window with Key numbers displayed, Accordance failed to give you an error message and didn't end up changing the sort. Both of those issues have already been fixed.

Printing Enhancement: While some Bible software users are still waiting for the ability to print (!), version 8.2 enhances Accordance's long-standing ability to print parallel panes. Minimum pane width requirements had previously made it impossible to print a window with three parallel columns on a page with standard one inch margins. That limitation has now been corrected.

There are lots of other little fixes and enhancements in 8.2, so be sure to download this latest free update to Accordance.

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March 10, 2009 9:16 PM

You have no idea how excited I am about your update to the diagramming window . . . I like to use it, but I have always been a bit frustrated that sometimes I couldn't get things to line up exactly (it would always snap to the grid, but in a different way than what I wanted).  Now, I can move things right where I want them.  I am not sure how many people you have thank you for your changes to Diagramming spacing, but I thought I would voice my appreciation.  Thanks a ton!