Accordance 9 Now Available
News for 09.20.10
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We're very excited to announce the release of Accordance 9, a major new upgrade that offers more speed, power, convenience, and aesthetic appeal than ever before. Here are a few of the new improvements in Accordance 9:

  • Workspace zones make it easy to keep your Bibles, commentaries, lexicons, and other study aids neatly arranged yet easily accessible.
  • The revamped Search All feature lets you search thousands of resources in seconds and quickly browse the results to find what you're looking for.
  • Easy Install lets you install new resources over the web as soon as you purchase them, with no physical media to ship or unlocking codes to enter.
  • Support for new syntactical analyses of original language texts takes you beyond the meaning of individual words to show you how those words function together.

Learn more about the new features in 9 (and see screenshots of the streamlined look).

See the new features in the video demo.

Check out the reviews on VersionTracker/CNET.

Accordance 9 can be purchased and downloaded in minutes, and upgrade discounts are available for users of Accordance 7 or higher. Get it today!

Upgrade Prices and Links

Accordance 9 with expanded free Starter package is $69

Discount coupons available to users who first purchased Accordance 8 after June 1, 2010

The first Syntactical databases are now available, with free upgrades as additional books are completed. For now we have Genesis in the BHS-W4 Syntax and John in the GNT-T Syntax.

Other Upgrades

There is an extra 10% off coupon if you have multiple paid upgrades available and you do them all at once. You will need to check with our sales staff to use that one.

Upgrade from Scholar's 8, just $49 for Accordance, no modules were added to levels (except Unlock All)

Upgrades are available from earlier Library, Scholar's, Catholic or Jewish Collections

Most products are now available for Easy Install. In those cases we charge $10-$15 for a disk if preferred. Check the Delivery Options. Easy Install requires version 9 and OS X.

See Notes on 9 for Installation and Upgrade information.