The fact that people are still blown away by the features we introduced in Accordance 1.0 is a testament to how revolutionary a program it was. Seventeen years later, we haven’t stopped innovating. We haven’t even slowed down. More cool stuff is right around the corner…

That’s how I ended my most recent blog post last week. Today, I’m pleased to announce that some of the “cool stuff” I alluded to has arrived: Accordance 9.5 is here, with more ridiculously cool features than can reasonably be expected in a point-update. Better still, it’s free!

What’s so great about Accordance 9.5? The feature that’s generating the most excitement is the new Dynamic Interlinear. With a click of a checkbox, you can view any grammatically-tagged Greek or Hebrew text in an interlinear format, or any translation tagged with Key numbers in a reverse interlinear format. That’s cool, but the thing that makes the Dynamic Interlinear truly dynamic is that you can mix and match any tagged or keyed text in an interlinear view, as well as show or hide information such as lemma, part of speech, parsing, and syntax.

Interlinear Flexibility

Set up an interlinear to show translation differences, or one to help you see Greek textual variants, one to offer translation help without helping you parse, and another to offer parsing help without showing an English translation.

Interlinear English

Once you design an interlinear you like, you can save it so you have instant access to it. It’s incredibly powerful and flexible, and it works with all your existing tagged and key-numbered texts!

Cool as it is, the Dynamic Interlinear is just one of the many improvements in Accordance 9.5. Check out the new features page for details. Or better yet, download it and start playing with it.