Jan 20, 2012 David Lang

Accordance 9.5.3 Enhances Typography and More

Exactly one month ago, a user posted a request on our forums for several minute typography enhancements. He wanted (1) some finer steps in choosing a font size, (2) support for ligatures, and (3) better hiding of superscripts in the text. In spite of his admission that he may be the "only OCD-type Accordance user who is bothered by these minutia," he's getting all of these typography enhancements in Accordance 9.5.3, a free update which is available now.

In addition to answering this user's typography concerns, this latest update offers some other nice enhancements—most of which are the direct result of user feedback. When a text pane is selected, you can now press the space bar to page down (or shift-spacebar to page up), just as you can in popular web browsers.

If you discover a typo or other problem in a module, you can now select the problem text and choose Report a Correction from the Help menu. The selected text and location will automatically be copied into an email with a place to add your comments on the nature of the error.

Syntax elements which are not tagged to specific words, such as the NULL tag, are now represented in search results by a graphical marker rather than by highlighting an adjacent word. You can also use the LINK command with two different key numbered Bibles of different languages, such as the ESVS and GNT-TRS.

There are other enhancements and bug fixes as well, so be sure to download this latest update today.

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Archived Comments


January 27, 2012 9:58 AM

I was interested in your app, but you are just too greedy. No way you can justify the prices.


January 28, 2012 7:05 AM

It's greedy to want to get paid for your hard work? I'm sorry, but I disagree... and I'm afraid the Scriptures aren't on your side there, either, brother.

You *have* read the Scriptures, haven't you Rod?

You know... the parts where it says "The laborer is worthy of his wages" and "You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain." 

I honestly don't know what the Accordance folks would say to something like this... but rather than accuse them of greed, why don't you ask them if they have a way of working with you on purchasing the product?

Since you're looking at Accordance, it's probably safe to assume you're a Mac user already. And if you compare the price of Accordance to that of their familiar competition... I think it's *very* reasonably priced for a comparable package.

It just seems very unnecessary, and mean, to say what you've said. I hope you get things figured out.

Darin Allen

January 28, 2012 11:46 AM

Hi Rod,

We do try to price our products competitively, but I realize that we won't be able to meet everyone's needs. We are not trying to compete on the same level as an e-bookstore or free Bible software programs. Our developers spend a considerable amount of time adding multiple search layers and advanced tagging to our resources. As a result, Accordance modules offer much more functionality than a simple ebook, and they are priced to reflect the amount of time and resources that went into creating them.

If you are looking for lower-priced options, it doesn't get any better than free, and we do offer a free app for the iPone and iPad that includes a tagged ESV Bible and many other free resources. We also offer a free trial of our Mac program at http://accordancebible.com/trial. I hope you'll give us further consideration, and wish you all the best in your studies.