Jun 22, 2009 David Lang

Accordance Beast

Greg Willson, a friend of mine whose musical stylings can be heard on our latest demos and podcasts, mentioned me on Twitter a couple weeks ago and described me as an "Accordance Beast." He might have meant that I am grossly uncivilized, but I took it to mean that he sees me as something of an Accordance power user. I tweeted back that I liked the label and asked jokingly if I could get it printed on a T-shirt.

BeastYesterday, one of my Father's Day presents was a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Accordance Beast"! It was a wonderful surprise, and proof positive that I have an extremely cool family. I'm proudly wearing it today, and I might just wear it at the next Accordance training seminar I teach. I just need to work out more consistently so my pecs will look appropriately beastly when I wear it!

While I won't give you my T-shirt, I am happy to share my Accordance Beast title with other Accordance users. If you too would like to be an Accordance beast, you can go a long way toward becoming one by taking advantage of our free training videos and subscribing to our Lighting the Lamp podcast. Get involved with our user forums where you can learn from other Accordance beasts. If we offer a training seminar in your area, be sure to attend, or offer to host one. We want you to become Accordance power users . . . er, I mean beasts.

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June 22, 2009 10:31 AM

So hilarious!

You wear it well, my friend.