Dec 19, 2013 Accordance Bible Software

Accordance for iOS 1.7 is now Available

Great news, Accordance fans! Version 1.7 of the Bible Study with Accordance app is now live in the App Store. If you own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, be sure to check for updates and download the latest version to all your iOS devices. Here are the new features in version 1.7.

Updated Design for iOS 7

One of the biggest changes is a fresh new interface that conforms more with iOS 7 design principles and UI standards. For those using Apple’s latest mobile operating system, we hope this will provide a more consistent experience as you move between the Accordance app and other apps that have been optimized for iOS 7.

Please note that this new design will only appear for those using iOS 7. Anyone still using iOS 6 will keep the previous Accordance design that fits in line with those design principles better.

1.7 Design

In-App Registration

Users can now create and register their Accordance account directly within the app. Previously, this required users to leave the app and register their account using a web browser. Now, there is a fast and simple registration process that takes place entirely within the app.

1.7 Registration

In-App Store

Another big change is the addition of an in-app store, which is accessible via the Library view. Please note that this in-app store is not comprehensive, and therefore it is not intended to be a replacement for our online store at However, we wanted to provide a convenient way for new customers that might not know about the store to add more Bibles and study tools to their iOS library. The in-app store currently offers a handful of Bible translations and study Bible notes, and we may expand this offering in the future.

Please also keep in mind that any discounts you have will not apply when ordering via the in-app store.

Tutorial for New Users

There is now an opening tutorial that will run for first-time users of the Accordance app. This tutorial is designed to teach new users some of the basic navigational elements of the app, and how to access some of the main features.

Why so Long?

We appreciate your patience, as we know it’s been a while since we’ve put out a major release of our iOS app. We had some unexpected changes to our iOS team early in 2013, which required us to bring on some new team members and get everyone up to speed. The good news is that our iOS team is now in a great place to begin focusing on new features, and we are excited to deliver them to you! At the very top of our list is arbitrary text selection, as we know that many users want the ability to select a customizable section of text, rather than just choosing from the predefined categories of word, sentence, or paragraph. We are currently working on this feature for the 1.8 release, as well as other features and enhancements. Thank you again for your patience, and we look forward to bringing you more exciting updates for the Bible Study with Accordance app in 2014!

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