Jan 4, 2011 David Lang

Accordance for iOS: Was it Worth the Wait?

iOSappicon Accordance for iOS became available through the app store last Thursday, and by now thousands of you have downloaded it and played with it. Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, especially from previous Accordance users who can now take their Accordance libraries with them. A few people, however, have expressed disappointment that it's not yet everything they hoped it would be. Because we do our best to release software "when it's ready," and because we took what appeared to be a long time to release the app, I think some people expected the initial release of Accordance to be the Bible app to end all Bible apps.

The reality is, of course, that Accordance for iOS is a 1.0 release which has lots of potential, some features found nowhere else, and some areas where we have plenty of catching up to do. We need to add syncing with your desktop Accordance, offer more control over how content is displayed, give you better ways to multi-task, and, of course, we want you to be able to amplify from one resource to another as easily as you can in the desktop application. The good news is that much of the groundwork for those improvements has already been laid and we're working hard to deliver them as soon as we can. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy being able to take Accordance with you wherever you go.

In upcoming posts, I'll be showing you in detail some of what you can do with this initial release of Accordance for iOS.

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Archived Comments

Michael Romans

January 04, 2011 5:27 PM
I am very pleased with 1.0

Alan Houtzer

January 04, 2011 5:28 PM

Was it worth the wait?  This seems like a silly question for a free app.  I paid nothing and received the ability to read many versions of the bible (the versions that I had previously paid for) on my iPad, display them side-by-side and with commentaries.  That's pretty good!  It probably does more stuff that I haven't realized yet, but so far that much has already been used in the pulpit last Sunday.  I do miss my user notes from my Mac, but you said that you would be working in sync with the Mac, so I can wait.



Michael Romans

January 04, 2011 5:39 PM
I am very pleased with 1.0


January 04, 2011 7:33 PM

Bugs, they love me, this I know, for they stick to my phone so… :) I ran into problems immediately, had to reinstall app twice, but the developers found those bugs and hopefully in the next release they'll be fixed. Application is free, fast, and I think it was well worth the waiting. Just have to wait few more weeks for these initial bugs to be eliminated. Future looks very promising! 

Samuel Clough

January 04, 2011 9:53 PM

I'm pleased with it, mostly because I know that new features will come quickly and right now it is fast and capable. Sync with desktop would be a great improvement.

I also really appreciate the fact that it was free. To me that is excellent customer service. Too many companies seem to "nickel and dime" their customers to death by charging for iOS versions of software you've already invested in.

Robert Silber

January 04, 2011 9:58 PM

I couldn't agree with Alan more! I paid nothing and got so much more!

I have done alpha and beta testing for other business-centric apps and know what goes into development. For a 1.0 app, this one is well-developed. I can only imagine what's in store for the next release. While my heavy work is on my MacBook Pro, I have waited for this and am not disappointed.

Accordance continues to deliver the Word!

Fr. Rusty Matheny

January 05, 2011 1:05 AM

Thank you all!

Very Pleased and have mentioned it on Facebook and several e-mails, showed it to others and will continue to do so at every opportunity.

The speed of the app in all categories is just incredible on both the Ipad and my old Iphone 3g.

Thanks again.

Grace and Peace.


January 05, 2011 1:56 AM
Since I'm still waiting, I can't comment on what it does, only on my expectations. ;-) for me, if it does it's super fast and powerful searches, together with loading my paid-for modules, it will be a home-run. -Jon

Dustin B.

January 05, 2011 9:16 AM

Best Bible app for iOS I've ever used. Thank you.


January 05, 2011 12:14 PM

i know that a bunch of apps are different from ipad to iphone/ipod is this true of the accordance app?

i've been holding out in buying an ipad waiting for this app, yet i think i was disappointed in that graphics are not integrated into the text (think IVP Atlas, and others) and i'm wondering if this is different on the ipad...

Rick Bennett

January 05, 2011 12:44 PM

@Kevin: Our app is universal for all devices running iOS 4.2 or higher. Future plans include iPad specific UI enhancements. We are also in the process of updating older modules with images so that they are compatible on iOS. 

In the meantime maybe it's time to 'upgrade' that IVP Atlas for one of the new Carta releases. ;-)


January 06, 2011 9:44 PM
I'm really pleased that it's out. I'm very much looking forward to when the definitions are available in the Greek/Hebrew pop up screens - that is a feature I use all the time. No doubt you're working on it and it will be available soon. Thanks.

Kevin Swan

January 18, 2011 12:45 AM

Frankly, I expected much more. With all the "we're waiting so we can get it just right" talk on your site, I was expecting something much more functional and polished. 

I've been using Mantis for nearly 2 years because it was the only thing available that supported commentaries, etc. Since then, Olive Tree's reader has come out (and a handfull of others).

Bluntly, taking notes in your software is painful. What good is it to be able to split the pane and have your notes sitting there--waiting to be edited--if you can't just tap in there and leave a note (or edit one). No. To make a simple note on a verse, you have to: 

• click and hold on the verse number
• determine if this is a new note, or you're editing a note
• select your note file
• wince as the note screen comes up and takes up the whole page, obscuring the text you're wanting to comment on (those split screens are useless to us?)
• then type your note

In Mantis, you:
• Click the note icon next to the verse
• Write your note (IN LINE WITH THE TEXT)

In Olive Tree, you:
• Click the verse number
• Click "add note"
• Leave your note in a floating box near the text

This is only one example of the many, many UI and workflow failures in this app.

Got a bible verse in your notes? Can't click it to take you to the verse. 

Want to make the text look less hideous and add a little padding to the reading? (something all readers should offer--or at least not default to slamming it up against the edge of the device) Can't do it.

Don't even get me started on the crashes.

Then there was the "Easy Install," which had to be the most ironically named button on my iPad. Even if it didn't crash every time I tried to sync with my purchased items, the fact that you have to sit there and stare at a screen for hours (because it can't download in the background) is failure enough. Not even a progress bar? Not an 'estimated time remaining?' Nothing to let us know that the application is still working. Just a big "cancel" button staring at you until the app crashes. 

The UI is entirely unpolished. You guys are 2 years behind everyone else, you couldn't find someone to help you in this department? Olive Tree looks much more refined, is easier to read, more intuitive, and has more options. I just don't want to repurchase my hundreds of dollars of materials again, so I feel trapped.

Really disappointed in the effort. I could go on, but I only have 90 characters remaining. :(

David Lang

January 18, 2011 11:02 AM

Kevin, I'm sorry our initial release did not live up to your expectations, and of course, I'm sorry for the crashes you experienced during the installation process. The app is indeed still a work in progress, and hopefully future versions will alleviate your frustration.