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Accordance makes it easy for anyone to study like a Bible scholar, but most of us study the Scriptures to show them to others. That’s true whether you're a minister, a small group leader, a parent, or an actual Bible scholar!

The inaugural Accordance eAcademy is a live webinar event which will equip you for effective study and engaging communication. We’ll show you how to study to show others!

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  • Dual-track workshops
  • Plenary sessions with special guest speakers
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WHEN: October 24th–26th 2019 (Thursday–Saturday)

WHERE: Attend live webinars from your home, office, coffee shop, or church—all you need is internet access.


Full Registration (After Oct. 4) $50, non-refundable.

Cost an obstacle to attending? Ask about scholarships.

BONUS: Registrants GET a Discount Coupon for selected showcased titles/modules used in each session!

TRAINING: Extensive classes on how to get the most out of Accordance in your study and teaching.


  • Easy Customization – Set Up Preferences that Work Best for You
  • You CAN Take it With You: Studying and Teaching with Accordance Mobile
  • Really Simplify Original Language Studies
  • Confidence to Conquer Group Bible Studies
  • Greek / Hebrew? Accordance is the Answer
  • Perfect Assistant for Preparing Sermons
  • Maximize Your Studies (Navigation, Workspaces, and Internet)
  • Show and Tell: Your First Look at Accordance 13
  • Tips and Tricks that Save Time
  • Question and Answer Session


  • Dr. Roy Brown – “Why the Dead Sea Scrolls Matter”
  • Dr. Elliott Mallory-Greene –“TBD”
  • Dr. Craig A. Evans – “Writing Papers - Research

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: Subject to slight changes. Times based on Eastern Time

Thursday – October 24th

Pre-session 10am to 11:30am (Richard Perry)

Easy Customization -- Setting Preferences that Work Best for You

This “Pre-session” will cover the basic information on how to customize and set up Accordance with the options and the look that works best for you including your library, the tool bar, and preferences.

Session 1

Workshop #1:  12pm to 1:30pm (Rick Mansfield)

You CAN Take it With You -- Studying and Teaching with Accordance Mobile

Learn effective methods for studying and teaching/preaching using Accordance on iOS/iPadOS and Android devices. Discover shortcuts, tips, and recommended resources for best use of Accordance on the go.

Workshop #2:  12pm to 1:30pm (Mark Allison)

Really Simplify Original Language Studies with Accordance

Harness the power of Accordance to make original language research fun and easy. We’ll look at the new Live Click feature, and talk about making complex searches simple by graphically defining your searches. Finally, we’ll take those searches to the next level by mastering the multiple search analytics available in Accordance.

Session 2

Workshop #3:  3pm to 4:30pm (Rick Mansfield)

The Benefits of Using Accordance for Group Bible Studies

Explore methods for using Accordance in group contexts such as Bible studies or even the classroom, using both desktop and mobile versions.

Workshop #4:  3pm to 4:30pm (David Lang)

Hebrew with Chutzpah

Grow bold in your study of Hebrew, and don’t be afraid to talk about it. Exploring the Hebrew can add depth to your teaching, so learn to use it responsibly.

Session 3 - Guest Speaker - Dr. Roy Brown 6pm to 7:30pm

Why the Dead Sea Scrolls Matter

Friday – October 25th

Session 4

Workshop #1:  11am to 12:30pm (Abram Kielsmeier-Jones)

Building a Lasting Foundation During First Year Greek

As soon as you start learning Greek, you can access features and tools in Accordance that will help you retain your Greek for years to come.

Workshop #2:  11am to 12:30pm (David Lang)

How Do I Explain THIS to the Congregation?

Can a lay audience really handle thorny issues of grammar, textual criticism, literary structure, geography, and chronology? They can, but it helps if you use visuals. In this session, explore a wide variety of ways to illustrate your teaching, including many you’ve probably never thought about.

Session 5

Workshop #3:  2pm to 3:30pm (Abram Kielsmeier-Jones)

Sermon Prep with Accordance

Accordance won’t write your sermon for you, but it is the ideal assistant for your sermon preparation. From reading a text in multiple, parallel versions to immediately pulling up all commentaries on a given verse, Accordance streamlines your sermon research.

Workshop #4:  2pm to 3:30pm (Richard Perry)

Maximize Your Studies with Accordance -- (Navigation, Workspaces, and Internet)

Explore Five ways to navigate through Accordance that will enhance your studies. The Amazing “Workspaces” and built-in internet window will bring new perspectives from and appreciation for the books in your library.

Session 6

Workshop #5:  4pm to 5:30pm (Joel Brown)

Show and Tell: Your First Look at Accordance 13

Accordance 13 is coming!  Get a live, first-hand look at all of the new capabilities and changes coming in the next major release of Accordance Bible Software.  You’ll not only get to see Joel demonstrate some of the most exciting new features, but Joel will also be offering some insight into the nature of their development and the careful thought process that goes into every decision.

Session 7 – Guest Speaker - Dr. Elliot Mallory-Greene 6:30pm to 8:00pm TBD

Saturday – October 26th

Session 7

Workshop #1: 11am to 12:30pm (Don Gillis)

Tips and Tricks for Greater Productivity!

In this session, you will learn quick shortcuts and overlooked productivity tips in Accordance that will help you do more in less time. No one thing will take more than 5 minutes to learn and you will be provided with notes to refer to for future reference. The tips will include items that have been a part of Accordance in the past as well as a look into some of the new productivity tips for the upcoming release of version 13.

Workshop #2:  11am to 12:30pm (Staff)

Question and Answer Time

Session 8 – Guest Speaker - Dr. Craig A. Evans 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Writing Papers - Research

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Mark Allison - Mark has been with Accordance since 2002 and currently works as a content developer and trainer. He has undergraduate degree in Missiology (Toccoa Falls College) as well as MA degrees in Anthropology (University of Georgia) and Theological Studies (Liberty University).  He and his wife Lu four kids—Sophia, Lydia, Evangeline and Levi. Mark also serves as the director of Covenant Life School of Ministry, a 4-year leadership school for lay leaders.

Joel Brown – Joel has been writing Accordance code for over a decade.  He is now the lead software developer and has been instrumental in developing Accordance for Windows, Accordance for iOS 3.0, the upcoming Accordance v13, and many more projects.  Famously, Joel enjoys a good challenge, and many of Accordance’s features have originated with a customer or colleague proposing something difficult, yet fascinating.  When not writing the best Bible Software on the planet, Joel is an avid musician, performing trombone with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, or piano in his local congregation.

Dr. Roy Brown – Dr. Roy Brown is the original developer of Accordance, the cutting-edge Bible software for Bible Study, research, and translation of the Bible, since 1994. He has taught the Bible for many years in the United States and Israel, in English and in Hebrew.

• Dr. Craig A. Evans – Dr. Evans John Bisagno is Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins at Houston Baptist University in Texas. He has given lectures at Cambridge, Oxford, Durham, Yale, and other universities, colleges, seminaries, and museums. A well-known evangelical scholar, Evans is an elected member of the prestigious SNTS, a society dedicated to New Testament studies. He also serves as the Director of the Christian Thinkers Society Fellows Program and Strategic Studies. He is a prolific author of 70 books and over 600 journal articles and reviews. His research has led to conferences on subjects including the Dead Sea Scrolls and archaeology of the Bible. Dr. Evans served as editor of the Bulletin for Biblical Research from 1994 to 2005.

Don Gillis - Don Gillis has been in the Bible software industry for 20 years. He has also served on staff in churches in Ohio and Texas. He is the Director of Academic Relations for Accordance and meets with schools and leading scholars to assist them with in-depth Bible study via research grade tools. He holds master’s degrees from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is passionate about raising the level of biblical literacy in our culture and uses Accordance to help achieve that goal.

Abram K-J - Abram Kielsmeier-Jones is Pastor of Union Congregational Church in Gloucester, MA. He is a husband, father, runner, musician, wannabe basketball player, and follower of Jesus. He came to Accordance as a reviewer of Accordance 10 in 2012 and has been using it regularly ever since. Since 2015 he’s led Accordance Webinars on a variety of topics.

David Lang - David Lang has been with Accordance since 1995. He has authored or co-authored Accordance’s Bible Lands PhotoGuide and Bible Times PhotoMuseum, as well as the book Macs in the Ministry and six volumes of Northland Church’s Journey to Spiritual Maturity series. His dirty little secret is that Accordance makes him look much smarter than he is!

Dr. Elliott Mallory-Greene - Dr. Elliott Mallory-Greene is a pastor of 36 years and has taught Hebrew, Greek and Biblical Exegesis, as well as Pastoral Studies, for almost 26 years, most recently at Faith Seminary where he serves as Professor of Biblical Exegesis and Pastoral Theology and Oikodome School of Biblical Studies. As the principal of Tyrannus Hall, Elliott (a.k.a. “Prof”) has a heart and calling to disciple shepherds and church leaders who will have a passion for the glory of God, strong Christian character, the growth of God’s people in Christ, and who as skilled teachers of the Scriptures will impact their communities in profound ways for the cause of the gospel.

Rick Mansfield - serves as Technology Evangelist for Accordance Bible Software. He has been using Accordance since 1998 and came on with the company fulltime in 2014. Rick has MDiv and ThM degrees from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. This past year, Rick, along with his wife, Kathy, and their hound, Lucy Mae, moved back to Louisiana where all three originally called home. Despite their Baptist heritage (for which they are very grateful), Rick and Kathy recently became catechumens at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Shreveport, Louisiana

Richard Perry - Richard is both a teacher and speaker sharing how technology is a powerful tool for biblical studies. His presentations are informative in discovering how technology can enhance ministry and change lives. He is currently an adjunct instructor at Faith International University and has been involved in the development and training of Bible software for more than 25 years.