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April Showers of Archaeology

April Archaeology

“The role of Biblical archaeology as a hermeneutical tool is invaluable in situations in which cultural allusions and settings have in the past plainly eluded us—simply because the context belonged to another, completely ‘foreign,’ place and time.” (Introduction, Archaeological Study Bible)

Although the Bible has a timeless message, its setting is thoroughly rooted in the past. That past takes us to places, cultures, and people that are sometimes initially alien to us. Since the stories of the Bible take place in specific locations that can still be visited today, archaeology has helped us to understand the ancient context that gave birth to the biblical writings. Biblical archaeology illustrates the stories of Scripture with tangible examples of where and how people lived in the past. This week we offer you savings of up to 50% off the regular price of some of our best archaeological resources for the Accordance Bible Software Library. We hope these April Showers of Archaeology will help to illustrate your biblical teaching and preaching and make the Bible come alive for you and your hearers!

Special sale prices on the products featured in this newsletter cannot be combined with other discounts. The special offer on all products will end on Monday, April 23, 2018 at 11:59 PM EDT.


Historic Views of the Holy Land: The American Colony (8 Volumes)

Because of rapid changes in the Holy Lands in the last 150 years, older photographs often reveal features not visible today. Political changes, population explosions, and tourist "improvements" have significantly increased our distance from the ancient world. This set of Historic Views is well documented, searchable, and contains 4,300 high-resolution photographs and illustrations of biblical sites from the last 120 years, taken by resident photographers in the Holy Land from 1898 to the 1940s.

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Archaeology of Bible set

Archaeology of the Land of the Bible

  • Volume 1: 10,000–586 B.C.E. by Amihai Mazar (1990)
  • Volume 2: The Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian Periods 732–332 BCE (Ephraim Stern) (2001)
  • Volume 3: Alexander to Constantine (Eric M. Meyers, Mark A. Chancey) (2012)

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100 Israel Sites_120

100 Archaeological Sites and Biblical Landscapes in Israel

The Bible is filled with detail-rich stories about people in all walks of life. 100 Archaeological Sites and Biblical Landscapes in Israel was designed to show the scenery and places that are mentioned in Scripture as they appear today. There is also information on several important archaeological sites to add to your overall knowledge of biblical history and culture.

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BAR 2016_120

Biblical Archaeology Review Archive 1975-2016
... or
2016 Upgrade from 2003

At your fingertips—every issue of Biblical Archaeology Review from 1975 to 2016. Thousands of articles and nearly 15,000 breathtaking photos, maps, drawings, and charts. Biblical Archaeology Review is a bi-monthly magazine that seeks to connect the academic study of archaeology to a broad general audience seeking to understand the world of the Bible and the Near and Middle East. BAR has covered the latest discoveries and controversies in the archaeology of Israel, Turkey, Jordan, and the surrounding regions as well as the newest scholarly insights into both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

1975 through 2016
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Upgrade from BAR 2003 (adds 2004 through 2016)
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bas pictures

Biblical World in Pictures

The editors of Biblical Archaeology Review have selected the 1,300 photographs that best tell the story of the Bible through archaeology. The Biblical context of each image is explained in extensive captions written by world-renowned scholars.

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Bible Times PhotoMuseum 2

Most Bible dictionaries offer a general treatment of a subject and then illustrate it with an image or two. The PhotoMuseum 2, on the other hand, treats each subject by exploring the actual archaeological finds which inform our knowledge of that subject. In short, it lets you look at the actual clues so you can better understand how they help unravel the mystery of the Biblical world.

PhotoMuseum 2
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Upgrade from Original PhotoMuseum
Regular Price $20
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