Scholarly PDF Papers (For Greek and Hebrew Studies)

Greek and Hebrew Studies

The following papers have been contributed by associate scholars as PDF files:

GBS-Textual_cover The German Bible Society invited us to post their excellent booklet Textual Research on the Bible: An Introduction to the Scholarly Editions of the German Bible Society. The chapters on the history of the editions of the Hebrew Bible and Greek New Testament are richly illustrated, and will benefit students and teachers, and anyone interested in this important topic.

Understanding and Using the New Syntax Searching Capabilities in Accordance 9: Paper by Robert D. Holmstedt at the User's Conference, September 2010.

Bible Software Shootout: Accordance Presentation at the Annual SBL meeting 2009 answering the questions posed to each software company.

Overview of and introduction to the Septuagint by Prof. Emanuel Tov: "The Septuagint Translation of the Hebrew Bible: Its Nature and Importance for Scholarship," Bulletin of the Comparative Culture Institute of Tokyo Women's Christian University Vol. 69 (2008).

Special Morphological Tagging Requirements for Individual Greek Manuscripts Paper by Rex Koivisto at the Accordance Scholars Session at the 2006 Society for Biblical Literature meetings

Accordance Tagging Conventions which govern the tagging of Greek texts.

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