Nov 28, 2016 Richard Mansfield

NEW! Barnes Notes on the Old Testament & the Pulpit Commentary

Recently, we released two new commentary sets for the Accordance Library that we want to make certain our users don’t miss. Both Barnes’ Notes on the Old Testament (8 volumes) as well as The Pulpit Commentary (22 volumes) have been long prized by preachers and teachers of the Bible. Both series assume a slight prior knowledge of biblical languages on occasion but will be accessible to anyone who wants to seriously study the Scriptures.

Barnes' Notes (OT) Barnes' Notes on the Old Testament
(8 volumes)

Albert Barnes (1798 - 1870), an American theologian and Presbyterian minister in the 19th century, was well-known for his preaching, but famous and most remembered for his written expository work of the Bible. Also, it’s worth noting that Barnes was an ardent abolitionist, publishing a number of anti-slavery works and quoted by prominent anti-slavery figures such as Frederick Douglas. Another contemporary, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, recommended Barnes' notes for understanding and preaching the Bible.

By his death in 1870, over a million copies of Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament had been distributed—quite a feat in the days before bookstore chains, online ordering, and Bible software! The genius of Barnes’ Notes lies in his ability to make biblical criticism accessible to the average reader. Accordance users have had access to Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament for a while, but now we are pleased to add all available Old Testament volumes as well, completing his exposition of the entire Bible.

Barnes Notes OT screenshot
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Barnes did not fully complete his notes over the entire Old Testament before his death, and what is available varies in detail. Genesis, for instance, is more complete and detailed than 1 Samuel. Some of the sections most popular in Barnes’ time, such as Daniel, Job, Ecclesiastes, and Isaiah are the most readable. Some volumes assume an understanding of Hebrew and some do not, but all volumes in the Accordance edition include Strong’s Numbers with any Hebrew words referred to in the text, making the content accessible to all.

Through Monday, November 28, Accordance users can obtain Barnes Notes on the Old Testament for a 24% discount off the regular price.

Barnes' Notes on the Old Testament
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Pulpit Commentary_120The Pulpit Commentary
(22 volumes)

For over a century, The Pulpit Commentary has been an essential tool for expositors everywhere. Edited by H. D. M. Spence and Joseph S. Exell, this indispensable resource gives expositional direction to preachers for even the most difficult passages in the Bible.

The Pulpit Commentary is the result of a three-decade project, combining the work of over 100 contributors. Every passage can be broken down into three distinct sections: (1) Exposition with thorough verse-by-verse commentary of every passage in the Bible. (2) Homiletics with the "framework" or the "big picture" of the text. And (3) Homilies with four to six sample sermons from various authors.

Any pastor who takes homiletics seriously will want to invest in The Pulpit Commentary. Although some background in original languages is assumed by many of the contributors, all the content is accessible through consistent translation of Greek and Hebrew words. This invaluable resource can be used as both commentary and expository guide providing a one-stop toolkit for preaching the Bible.

Pulpit Commentary screenshot
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Currently, only the New Testament volumes of The Pulpit Commentary are available, but the Old Testament volumes will be added at a later date in a free update to those who have already purchased the series.

And right now, Accordance users can take advantage of Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts on these volumes through midnight on Monday, November 28.

The Pulpit Commentary
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