Jan 7, 2012 Helen Brown

Ring out the Old New International Version, Ring in the New

As we announced yesterday, we have been asked to withdraw the NIV 84 and the TNIV from our purchase options by Jan 16, 2012. The notice from Zondervan conveyed a decision by Biblica, the publishers of the NIV:

"We have been informed by Biblica that they will no longer allow us to produce and sell Bible products using the TNIV and NIV © 1984 translations. This decision is consistent with Biblica’s public statement when they announced that the NIV would be revised and updated, and it is based on their desire to have the more current NIV © 2011 distributed to the widest extent possible and to reduce the confusion there may be in the marketplace by having two distinct products that both bear the name ‘NIV.’ As a result, we are asking all of our Mobile App and Software Distributors and Licensees who have been selling these two text products to discontinue doing so."

NIV11-cover-lg This wasn't a total surprise to us, since there was some discussion when we first licensed the NIV11 that we might need to discontinue the older versions.

The NIV 1984 has been an extremely popular version, and we know that many of you prefer to keep using the beloved older version rather than the 2011 update. The good news is that if you own it or purchase it before the deadline, you can keep using it indefinitely. The NIV11 does NOT replace the NIV 84 in Accordance. However, you should be careful to keep a backup of the NIV and NIV Notes, the NIV-G/K and Notes, or the TNIV, as we are required to remove these from the Easy Install option in another year. (Sorry, but backup options are not available for the iOS app.)

The other good news is that we have just cut the prices on our English Bibles, so you can pick up the versions you need very affordably. You may only add the NIV 84 to the NIV11, and the TNIV to both the others. Here are the current options and prices:

NIV 1984 (add-on to NIV 11) on sale for $19.99

NIV11 + NIV 1984 Bundle on sale for $34.99

TNIV (add-on to NIV 11 + NIV 1984) on sale for $19.99

NIV11 + NIV84 + TNIV Bundle on sale for $49.99

Don't delay, we will not be able to sell these Bibles after January 16. As far as we know, this is your last opportunity to add them to Accordance.

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Archived Comments

Darrell Thatcher

January 08, 2012 3:57 AM

I find Biblica's attitude on this issue frustrating and contrary to advancing Biblical scholarship. One of the features of Accordance is the ability to compare versions of the Bible. People should be able to continue to purchase the NIV84, the TNIV and the NIV11 editions on Accordance so that they can continue to make such scholarly comparisons. Accordance users will not be confused by having various NIV versions on sale and it is insulting to suggest otherwise.

One can only conclude that Biblica does not want us to be able to make easy comparisons of these three versions!

Biblica, please reverse this decision of yours.

David Kilpatrick

January 10, 2012 9:15 PM

I must agree with Darrell. I totally understand Biblica discontinuing any NIV1984 or TNIV versions in PRINT. However, as Darrell points out, they should allow such comparisions via a computer program like Accordance. Also, I assume Biblica would continue to receive a royalty for sales of these e-versions, so it is not clear why they would discontinue these.

Larry Stokes

January 14, 2012 5:40 PM

What about the commentaries which use the NIV1984 or TNIV — such as the EBC, NAC, NIVAC, and ECNT?  Is the NIV11 really selling that poorly?  Please distinguish any future NIV84 software updates from NIV11 updates, and take care not to automatically delete the NIV84 when doing software upgrades.