Sep 28, 2009 Helen Brown

Burning Ears: more blogs about Accordance

Dr. Joel Willitts of the Euangelion blog discusses the value of our many tagged texts on Accordance and Me, Part 5: Using Accordance for Research, while over at for the Sake of Truth Josh Mann tells his readers What I Love About Accordance.

Way to go, guys! We don't mind how much our ears burn as long as our users are satisfied with Accordance and telling others about it.

If you are not satisfied, we also want to hear about it, preferably directly or on the Forums where we can respond promptly to your concerns.

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October 02, 2009 11:25 PM

Karyn Traphagen has an excellent blog on why bother buying the GKC (Gesenius) Hebrew,

and Darrin Rich likes the podcasts.

Thank you both for sharing your experiences.