Jan 11, 2015 Richard Mansfield

Butler's Sermon Starters

When I was growing up, our pastor prepared at minimum three sermons a week and often more for special occasions, funerals and occasional invitations to preach midweek at some gathering or another church. Just with what was required for his weekly schedule, he had to prepare over 150 sermons, but the actual number was much higher.

Whether you preach three sermons a week, or one, or maybe just an occasional sermon on invitation, with much prayer and study, sometimes the creative juices flow...but sometimes, they do not. This is where a resource like Butler's Sermon Starters can be quite helpful.

Butler-Sermon Starters Sermon Starters does not give you an entire sermon to preach, but rather, as the name suggests, a starter. These starters include a title, a scripture reference and an alliterative outline. These starters serve as a means to create a basic structure, and then you can add your own personal illustrations and extended explanations of the passage. You can flesh out what has been started for you and make it your own.

In Accordance this sermon help by renown pastor John Butler combines all five volumes of Butler's original series. Each volume contains 100 sermon starters for the Old Testament and 100 Sermon Starters for the New Testament. By the end of the fifth volume, the entire scope of the Bible has been covered.

This addition to your Accordance Library will be especially helpful to the bi-vocational pastor who spends most of the week outside church walls; however, just about anyone who regularly preaches would find these Sermon Starters to be of value.

If you install Butler's Sermon Starters in Accordance 11, you will find it in the Preaching folder in your Accordance Library. The text has been tagged allowing you to search the following fields: Titles, English Content, Scripture, Bibliography and Page Numbers.

Butler Sermon Starters
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