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In Honor of CSNTM's 16th Anniversary


CSNTM 16th Anniversary Sale – 33% Off

Sweet sixteen! Yesterday, September 13, 2018, was CSNTM's sixteenth anniversary. Back in 2002, their Executive Director, Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, saw the potential of how digital photography and the internet could transform the way we study New Testament manuscripts—rapidly increasing our access to the physical materials of the Christian tradition. Now almost two decades later, this original vision has proven to be both timely and vital, and their commitment to it has only strengthened. As they move into their 17th year, they have a number of important projects underway that have us excited about what lies ahead for the preservation and study of the New Testament.

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Greek MSS ImagesHappy 16th Anniversary!
Greek MSS Images from the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

Amazing New Testament Language Research Tool!

This group contains plates of the Major New Testament Codices from the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts. The eight GNT Images modules include images of the following codex facsimiles: Alexandrinus (NT & 1-2 Clement), Sinaiticus (NT, LXX, and Epistle of Barnabas/Shepherd of Hermas), Vaticanus (pseudo-facsimile), Washingtonianus, and the original Codex 2882.

These enhanced hi-res images sync to the Bible text and scroll in parallel. Combined with our tagged uncial texts, the power of Accordance makes these NT codices an invaluable resource. Help us celebrate their 16th Anniversary!

See a product demonstration here in an earlier version of Accordance.

Greek MSS Images from the CSNTM
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Upgrade from previous NT MSS Images to Greek MSS Images from the CSNTM
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