Nov 1, 2012 David Lang

Calvinism: For, Against, or Undecided?

Are you among those rejoicing over Calvinism's recent surge in popularity? Or do you wish its (in)famous TULIP would wither once and for all? Are you among those still trying to decide what all the fuss is about?

For Calvinism-LG

Calvinists and Arminians have been arguing over key points of theology for several hundred years now, and the conversation has all too often been marked by hostility, suspicion, uncharitable caricatures of the opposing view, even accusations of heresy. Wouldn't it be nice if you could listen to competent authorities from each side present their arguments in a level-headed way? Wouldn't it be nice to see each one interact with the other side charitably and respectfully, without creating straw men to tear down? That is precisely the goal of two companion books which present cases For Calvinism and Against Calvinism.

Michael Horton, whose systematic theology is currently on sale, presents the For Calvinism view. After defining his terms and offering a brief historical survey, Horton enumerates the five points of Calvinism, attempting to dispel common misunderstandings and to show the theological system's Scriptural basis. He ends by discussing the practical implications of these doctrines.

Against Calvinism-LG Roger Olson, professor of theology at Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University, presents the Against Calvinism view. He begins by surveying the historical roots of the "New Calvinism" and the "Young, Restless, and Reformed" movement, then summarizes what he calls "Mere Calvinism," the five generally agreed upon assertions remembered through the TULIP acrostic. Finally, he addresses each point in turn and says "yes" to what Arminians affirm and "no" to what they vehemently deny.

These two books are clearly reasoned and highly readable introductions to the debate. If you're looking to evaluate both sides carefully, or at least to understand the opposing side a little more clearly, you're sure to find these books helpful.

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