Jun 10, 2017 Helen Brown

In Memory of Chris Rockwell

Chris Rockwell, May 24, 1991 - June 1, 2017Christopher Rockwell

We are deeply saddened to have to share with you that Chris, our lead iOS programmer for over two years, has passed away very suddenly. We withheld the news at the request of the family, until after the funeral today.

Joel Brown, our Manager of Software Development wrote:

Chris was an exciting, dedicated, and exuberant worker with whom, for over two years, I had the pleasure of working.  From the initial interview, I could tell Chris' passion for both software development and serving God's kingdom, especially his excitement at combining the two.  Chris was able to immediately step in and fill a vital role in our team.  From that point forward, he continued to grow as a developer, in both his effectiveness and his leadership.  His loss came as a tragic shock to everyone in the company, and we will be missing Chris for many years to come.  Our thoughts, hopes, and prayers are with Latecia and the rest of his family as they continue through this difficult time.

Chris himself recently shared this on our Staff page:

I am a Texas native, more specifically Northeast Texas. For those wondering, yes I grew up with cows in my backyard, which is not as common as you think where I am from. I’ve always been intrigued with computers and technology as a whole, even as a youngster, but wasn’t exposed to programming until my freshman year in college at Prairie View A&M. At the time, I was majoring in Computer and Electrical Engineering, but that soon changed after watching the movie The Social Network. That movie, which chronicles the start of Facebook, captivated me and exposed me to something I had never known nor heard of before, coding. From that day forward I have been engulfed in my passion for programming and went on to attend Full Sail University, where I graduated, Salutatorian, with a Bachelors in Mobile Development. I was super excited when I received the lead from my college for the job opening at Accordance. A job that combines two things I love, my faith and programming. I have grown and learned so much as a programmer and as a person since I joined the team back in 2015 and I am looking forward to what the future has in store.

Rest in Peace, Chris. You will be greatly missed.

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