Collection Upgrades

Get Even More Value

Now you can be sure that you are getting even more value for your money when you order a top Collection, no matter how long you have owned Accordance and how many modules you have already bought. Collection Upgrades are a great way to expand your Accordance library at discounted pricing.


Custom Upgrades

Accordance 11 introduces a completely new method of upgrading your Collection: Custom Upgrades. Simply order the desired Collection, whether the same as your current level or a higher one, and the website will only charge you (at a huge discount) for the modules you are adding, never the ones you already own. Moreover, it will offer a full credit for any modules you bought in the past 90 days, and just charge the pro-rated amount for the new items in the updated collection.

These Custom Upgrades are offered on the Primary Collections, the Greek and Hebrew Master Bundles and other selected add-on bundles. Log into your account to see the Custom Upgrade option on the product pages. Of course we will review each order carefully to be sure that you are getting the best price possible.


Our Best Collections Yet

We have added even more exciting new modules to each Collection.
The Collection 11 Starter is your minimum upgrade to Accordance version 11.

Collection 11 Starter is $59.90
Collection 11 Starter upgrade from version 10 is only $49.90