Sep 14, 2011 Darin Allen

Commentary on the MacBook Air Giveaway


We are almost halfway through our MacBook Air Giveaway, and the excitement is building. If you haven’t entered yet, you can do so now on our giveaway page, and be sure to leave a comment in response to the video. We have already received over 1,000 comments, and it has been both encouraging and entertaining to read what people have to say about Accordance. I have compiled some of my favorites for your enjoyment, along with my own personal reflections in italics.

New Customer

“All my research points to Accordance as THE software to buy--so I just bought the Scholars Standard with the 2 bible unlocks for my 1st year exegesis class in seminary. The iOS app is great--so I'm confident the Mac application will be wonderful.”

I also picked up Accordance in seminary. Strong decision.

It’s no Jalopy

“Accordance rocks my socks. It's the cadillac of Bible software.”

Note to self: Steal marketing line “It’s the cadillac of Bible software.”

Supporting the Troops

“Accordance [is the] best thing I used in Iraq for study!”

So cool to hear this, and I really hope we can continue to serve this purpose!

Stroking my Ego

“Very nice video. It's as good as the Apple ads.”

Are you trying to get free software or something? Cuz you keep talking that kind of talky and it just might happen.

Doesn’t Get it

“Check out”

Really? ...Really?


“I've used Accordance for years. Happily. Not like my lawnmower which I've also used for years.”

Agreed. Lawnmowers are the worst.


“I like free stuff yo!”

We have similar likes.

A Fair Critique

“No lie, dude's a bit over enthusiastic in the video :)”

Couldn’t agree more, that guy’s way too excited about Bible software. He is a handsome rascal though :)

A Way with Words

“Accordance is baller.”

I’m putting this in the same category as the “Accordance is straight gangsta!” comment.


“Best Bible software in the universe.”

Can’t argue with that. It’s science.


“I would like to walk in more "ACCORDANCE" with the Word.”

I bow down to your wordsmithery, good sir.

Euphoric about the Prospect of Winning a MacBook Air

“weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I hear it's so light. like its full of air. =)”

I bet you are a person who spreads cheer and merriment everywhere you go!


“Love it. Even in Germany I cannot escape you guys.”

Nein, you cannot.

What we Love to Hear

“Wow, I'm impressed... looks like I've found my new Bible Software.”

You won’t be disappointed, my friend.

There are only a couple more weeks to go before we draw the winner, so be sure to enter now and add your own comments!

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Archived Comments


September 19, 2011 3:43 PM

Posting and sharing every where, Tweeting on all my bzz sites. Praying to win for i can learn more about your App, Ty for offering this sweet deal, GL to all who need this *+*