Feb 3, 2011 David Lang

Cutting Prices on the Cutting Edge

JBL-cover Long before Biblical scholars write books, dictionary articles, or commentaries, they publish their findings in professional journals for review by their peers. Journals are therefore where you'll find the cutting edge of Biblical scholarship. Unfortunately, subscriptions to print journals are often expensive, and finding the information you need is rarely easy. That's why the best way to experience cutting edge scholarship is with cutting edge technology. In Accordance, mining decades worth of journals is incredibly easy, relatively inexpensive, and requires much less shelf space.

Dr. J recently did a podcast on how to use the various journals available in Accordance, so if you have yet to explore these cutting edge resources, be sure to check it out.

During the month of February, we're offering a sale on all Accordance journals. See this page for details. We don't often offer the journals modules on sale, so now is the time to get them.

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