Delivery Options

Easy Install

All of Accordance Bible Software’s extensive product range is now available via Easy Install! This effortless new method of delivery is available for everyone using Accordance 9+ on Mac OS X, or 10+ on Windows. Requiring no unlocking codes of any kind, Easy Install in the Accordance menu allows you to begin using your amazing new software program and content with no hassles and no waiting. Simply log into your account in Accordance and download the latest versions of your licensed modules directly into Accordance. Some older modules require paid upgrades.

The iOS and Android Bible Study with Accordance free mobile apps can also log into Easy Install. On the iOS modules can also be synced from Accordance 9+ on Mac OS X and some Windows systems.

Slow Internet?

Most Accordance downloads are well under 1 GB, and they can be chosen individually in Easy Install. However, if your internet is very slow or expensive, you may prefer not to use this method.

We can make arrangements for you to receive your software by another method for an additional charge. You will still need minimal internet access to validate the program and the contents. Please contact customer service for details.