Apr 23, 2009 David Lang

Designed for Mac. Trusted by Scholars. Right for You.

When we released Accordance 8 last year and gave our web-site a fresh new look, we decided it was also time for a new slogan. You can see it in the banner at the top of this blog page: "Designed for Mac. Trusted by Scholars. Right for You."

J. P. Kang, who is responsible for our official Accordance Twitter feed, recently asked our "followers" (that always sounds kind of egomaniacal to me) to "retweet" our slogan. That reminded me that I have never really talked about what we mean by our slogan. The main reason I haven't is that I hope it's fairly self-explanatory. Still, it's worth talking about in detail.

Designed for Mac: Accordance isn't just "Made for Mac." It has been designed for the Mac from the ground up, and is continually being refined in the crucible of Mac users' demanding expectations. Mac users expect to be productive, to be able to get things done quickly and easily, without unnecessary steps, needless backtracking, or pointless hassle. Accordance has therefore been designed so that you can easily switch Bibles, resize text, search for a selection, add a pane, compare translations, and on and on. Most things can be accomplished in a single step, and you can be assured that if something takes two or three, at least one of our users has asked us to streamline it further!

Trusted by Scholars: Again, we don't merely claim to be powerful enough for scholars or used by scholars; we pride ourselves on the trust we've earned from scholars who rely on Accordance to do original research. That trust has been earned over the years by the investment we've made in developing, improving, and correcting scholarly resources; our competency to answer scholars' questions and meet their demands; and our history of implementing cutting-edge solutions to their particular needs.

Right for You: Our reputation among scholars is so good, in fact, that some people mistakenly assume that Accordance is just for scholars. On the contrary, it's "right for you" no matter who you are. Our Library packages are geared toward users for whom the original languages are still "Greek," but who nevertheless want to study the Bible in depth. Our graphic resources are designed to make the world of the Bible come alive in graphic detail (and did I mention they're on sale?). The same ease of use and instant access to information which saves scholars many hours of labor will make life easier for any student of the Bible.

So there you have it. Accordance is designed for Mac, trusted by scholars, and right for you. I don't know of anyone else who can make that claim.

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