Feb 8, 2010 David Lang

Detaching a Tab in a Workspace

When you open a new resource in Accordance, it typically opens as a tab in your workspace. Workspace tabs are a great way to keep all your resources neatly organized, but the one drawback to them is that the frontmost tab obscures all the tabs behind it. What if you want to see the new resource alongside your main passage of study?

Thankfully, Accordance doesn't lock you in to one way of working. If you want to detach a tab from a workspace so that you can view that resource in a separate window, simply choose Detach Tab from the Tabs submenu of the Window menu. When you do, that tab will become a separate window that you can view alongside your workspace.

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J. P.

February 08, 2010 5:25 PM

cmd-opt-t, if you\'re lazy like me :)