Updated documentation for Accordance is found in the Help files.

The following PDF files can be downloaded free and opened by Adobe Acrobat Reader on any platform (Macintosh and Windows). They can be read on screen, searched and printed. Adobe Reader is available free from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

See also the Topical Articles and PDF Papers.

  • Accordance 12 Collections Comparison Charts (PDF documents of what modules are contained in the lower Accordance 12 Collections:
  • Comprehensive Module List: A list of all current modules available for Accordance (updated monthly)
  • Getting Started with Syntax: a basic manual for the Syntax databases (updated for Accordance 11.1).
  • A Brief User's Guide for the Accordance Hebrew Syntax Database by Robert D. Holmstedt (with John A. Cook, Martin G. Abegg, and Roy B. Brown) (October 2016): Intended for Accordance users who have the Hebrew syntax database and desire both to understand more about the construction of the database and to know better how to perform simple and complex syntactic searches. Accompanied by 28 prepared workspaces with sample syntax searches.
  • Accordance 11 Training Manual: The updated and fully illustrated training manual for Accordance seminars.
  • Accordance 11 Manual Update: Contains pages that can be added to the Accordance 10 Training Manual that cover major Accordance 11 updates
  • Accordance fonts lists all the fonts with keyboard layouts and tables of accent overstrike positions (updated for 11.1).

Older Documents

  • Emulator Manual for installing the BasiliskII emulator and running Accordance on a PC (updated 10/11 for Accordance 9 and Windows 7).
  • Emulador Manual-es
    Traducción española del Manual del Usuario para instalar y ejecutar Accordance en el emulador Basilisk II
    (Spanish translation of the User's Manual for installing and running Accordance under the Basilisk II emulator)
  • Guía de referencia rápida de Accordance
    Traducción (con ilustraciones en español) del Accordance Quick Reference Guide
    Translation (with Spanish illustrations) of the Accordance Quick Reference Guide
  • Accordance Quick Reference Guide , now updated, summarizes the most important features of Accordance 8 in 10 easy-to-read pages.
  • Accordance 7.4 User's Guide contains the full manual with color illustrations.
  • Atlas Supplement with detailed instructions for using the updated Bible Atlas with Accordance 6.9.
  • Grammatical Supplement contains the 6.4 supplement to the manual for Greek and Hebrew searches.
  • AccordIt 2.0 User's Guide describes the features of the AccordIt text utility.
  • Timeline Supplement with detailed instructions for using the Timeline with Accordance 5.6. This supplement is included with the Timeline download.