May 5, 2011 David Lang

Don't Be Blue if it Wasn't You

Monday it was something old (the 400th anniversary of the KJV), Tuesday it was something new (the release of the 2011 NIV), Wednesday it was something borrowed (the fact that the 1984 NIV and TNIV are living on borrowed time), so today we need to cover something blue. And now that the winners of last month's iPad2 Giveaway have been announced, what could be more blue than all of you who didn't win? The aim of this post is to encourage you not to be blue if it wasn't you.

Our Grand Prize Winner was David Kennedy, a professor at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary who has been using Accordance since version 1.0!

iPad2Winner I am a product of church ministry. I fell in love with studying the Bible in high school when I got my hands on a new translation that helped make sense of the archaic language of the KJV. After college (Univ. of Texas), I went to seminary to prepare for pastoral ministry. There, I also fell in love with the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures (Dallas Theological Seminary, Th.M. 1971). After serving as senior pastor of a Bible church in Illinois, I joined the faculty of what is now Grand Rapids Theological Seminary (Grand Rapids, Michigan) in 1980.

I bought my first Mac in 1984 and found Accordance 1.0 in 1994. Computer Bible study with Accordance quickly became an essential supplement to my study and teaching. As Accordance matured, it has moved more and more to the center of my study and teaching and all kinds of ministry (including over 33 years as a Chaplain in the Army Reserve).

Today my laptop and iPhone (and now iPad2!) with Accordance are with me wherever I go. It is great to have my electronic library and searching capabilities at hand whether I am in the US or teaching overseas. At a moment’s notice, I can demonstrate a point of Hebrew grammar, compare textual variants or illustrate a location with a timely picture.

I appreciate the ever-expanding capabilities that the talented staff at OakTree bring to Accordance, the always helpful assistance of their support staff, and the innovative training tools that they regularly produce. I look forward to many more exciting developments and capabilities in the years to come! I highly recommend it to students, colleagues, and ministers.

In addition to the iPad2, the grand prize included $500 worth of Accordance modules, but David has generously decided to apply that toward gift certificates to help his students build their Accordance libraries. How can you begrudge a guy like that winning the Grand Prize?

In addition to the Grand Prize, we also planned to award a Bonus Prize of $250 worth of Accordance modules to the first person who referred the winner through Facebook or Twitter. However, since our Grand Prize winner entered through our website, there was no referral source named. That meant we weren't obligated to award the Bonus Prize at all, but we decided to give it away to another entrant selected at random. That turned out to be Alex Hyun from Buena Park, CA.

So congratulations to David and Alex and thanks to everyone who entered the iPad2 Giveaway. For those of you who are feeling blue that you didn't win, remember that you got to take advantage of our Pick-A-Product sale during the entire month of April, and that we're offering deep discounts on a different Bible each day during the month of May. Today's special is on the Complete Jewish Bible. Can you guess what color its cover is? :-)

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