Apr 25, 2011 David Lang

Don't Forget the Parallels

Yesterday I spent the afternoon writing an Easter meditation, and I wanted to see all the gospel accounts of the resurrection. I could have gone about finding those passages in a variety of ways, but by far the easiest way was to open one of the parallel modules dealing with the gospels. A Parallel module is a database of parallel passages, and we currently have three pertaining to the gospels. Harmony is based on A. T. Robertson's Harmony of the Gospels, Gospels is based on the Aland synopsis, and Synoptics is based on the synopsis of Huck and Lietzmann. I happened to use Gospels yesterday.

After opening the Gospels parallel, I could have searched it for a particular passage or pericope title, but since I knew the resurrection would be among the last pericopes I simply chose to scroll toward the end of the list and browse until I found the one I wanted. I chose the one titled "The Burial of Jesus." Once I clicked on it, I could see three of the four gospel accounts, and a plus on the right side of the window indicated that there was at least one more parallel that wasn't currently being shown. Clicking the plus opened a fourth pane showing John's account. Now I simply needed to skim each parallel in order to find the details I was looking for.


When looking for a particular episode in the Bible, the various parallel modules can be extremely helpful. Don't forget about them.

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