Apr 9, 2012 David Lang

Don't Take Drag and Drop for Granted

Accordance offers tremendous advantages over other Bible programs—speed, flexibility, powerful features and valuable resources found nowhere else. Yet sometimes, in focusing on those big advantages, we lose sight of the many smaller advantages we all tend to take for granted. Recently, a reviewer was evaluating Accordance and pointed out an advantage that hadn't really occurred to us: the ability to drag and drop text and images.

As this reviewer was working with Accordance, he arranged his screen so that Accordance was side-by-side with the word processor he uses to compose his sermons. When he wanted to copy text out of Accordance, he simply selected it, then dragged it and dropped it onto his word processor. It's the kind of functionality Mac users don't even think about, so to us it seemed like no big deal. Yet surprisingly, this simple action is simply not possible with some other Mac Bible programs.

Dragging text from Accordance and Dropping it onto a Pages template

This reviewer didn't mention images, but you can also drag image thumbnails from an Accordance tool window to copy the full-size image into another program. For example, if you're putting together a bulletin in Pages or a slide show in Keynote, you can drag the thumbnail from Accordance onto an image placeholder in the other program.

Dragging an image thumbnail from Accordance onto an image placeholder in a Pages template

Doing so will copy the image to that placeholder, keeping any borders or custom formatting which were applied to that placeholder.

Dragged text and image now appear in the Pages template

Again, this simple functionality makes getting images out of Accordance incredibly easy, and apparently, it's not something to be taken for granted!

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