May 19, 2014 Helen Brown

iOS Tip: Drawing Back the Tabernacle Curtains

The buttons on the Instant Details help you dig into the meaning of a word in the text, and yet simply slide back to where you were studying without losing your place.

Let's draw back the curtains on the word tabernacle or dwelling in this simple study illustrated on an iPhone.

Navigate to Psalm 84 in the ESVi and tap and hold on the word dwelling.

Instant details pops up with the definition mishkan and the dictionary article.


Tap on the Amplify button and then select Key number rather than Word to look up mishkan in the Dictionary.

Tap on KJV to search for the Key number in the KJVS.


You notice that it is usually translated tabernacle. Tap the search magnifying glass to change the search criteria.


Modify the search by adding @-tab* after the Key number bracket, and tap Search. This eliminates  tabernacle from your Key number search.


Scroll through the results until Psalm 26 which reminds you of your starting point. Tap and hold on the verse reference to bring up the menu.


Tap Amplify to open your top commentary or other reference tool and learn more about this passage.


Now retrace your steps to return to Psalm 84. Use a two-finger swipe to the right to slide each screen aside and reveal the previous one.


If the two-finger swipe does not work for you, tap the screen so that the buttons appear at top and bottom, and tap the arrow in the top left.

The curtains fall back from the commentary to KJVS, the KM Hebrew Dictionary and the ESVi.


We hope this example encourages you to dig deeper on the iOS, knowing how easy it is to return to the surface.

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