Aug 27, 2015 Helen Brown

Easier Payment Plans

Have you ever thought of trying a payment plan with Accordance but were put off by the process of application? I don't blame you—it's been rather complicated—but I have good news: it's simple now.

MoneyThanks to our dedicated webmaster and wizard, Keith Bronstrup, we now have a secure form: PayPlan Details. Just log into the website and access the form from the Payment Plans page or from the account sidebar. It opens prefilled with your account information and you just need to fill in the other details. You can save it for later, and submit it when ready.

You can even try out different values and terms to see what the monthly payments look like. Your credit card information is securely encrypted until our customer service staff retrieve it, and it's automatically wiped after that leaving just the last 4 digits to show which cards you used.

Here's the best part: once you assemble your order in the cart, you'll have the option of checking out with the PayPlan (if you have started the form). No need to enter all those details again. Our staff will set up the plan for you and confirm the details by email as soon as possible, and you'll be ready to enjoy your new software.

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