Jan 7, 2017 Accordance Bible Software

"Fantastic Technical Support"

Nathan Parker

Here's an unsolicited letter of endorsement we just received this week in Forums. We're not perfect, but we do our best and appreciate such kudos...

I want to take a moment to mention how fantastic Accordance Technical Support is! I called in about the Atlas crashing issue the week before Christmas, and Billy in Technical Support spent a great deal of time with me over the phone troubleshooting this issue, emailing me to follow up on the issue, as well as escalated my information over to developers. He went out of his way to ensure my issue was taken care of, and the time he took on my issue especially so close to Christmas was above and beyond any support experience I've seen anywhere.

Contrast this with another major Bible software company I've dealt with (and even have an ongoing membership with them), their support teams rushed me off the phone before fully answering my questions and fully testing to ensure my issues were resolved. It took numerous calls and levels and I still didn't receive near the quality of support I received from Accordance when I called in with my issue.

Thank you, Billy and Accordance Support, for all the efforts you put in to keep customers happy and pleased. While occasionally there will be a few issues with any computer software program (although Accordance is generally stable), I am pleased to see such a fine support team standing behind the product and stepping up to the plate to ensure customers such as myself get the support we need when we need it the most. This alone makes me thrilled to be an Accordance customer!

—Nathan Parker

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