Features of Mobile 2 - 2.2 for iOS

Accordance Mobile for iOS is updated in the iTunes App Store. If you own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, be certain to check for updates and download the latest version to all your iOS devices. Accordance Mobile has been completely updated for iOS 8 and 9 as well as taking advantage of larger screen sizes on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The major changes in Version 2.0 through 2.2 are detailed below. See the Help pages for a summary of the updates in each version from 2.0 to the present.

Improvements in Accordance Mobile 2.1

  • User note edit view allows editing of text style, including: font, font size, color, Bold, Italic and Underline.
  • Selection in a User Note view offers Copy, Share, Define, Search and Edit. Search will search the current note. Edit will edit the current note at the selected verse.
  • Selection in a User Note additional pane (in Search view) offers Copy, Share, Define and Edit.
  • Selection in a Devotional view now offers Highlight, Clear, Search, Amplify, Define and Bookmark.
  • Tool hyperlink style settings allow the combination of multiple options (i.e. Plain, Bold, Italicized and Underlined).
  • User Notes Display settings include Background Color.
  • The last "more/less" search selection for each module is now retained on the iPhone. If the user opens the "more" search options, they will stay open during subsequent searches in the same module.
  • Many fixes of reported bugs.

Improvements in Accordance Mobile 2.2-2.2.1

  • Updated to include native 64-bit support.
  • More bug and crash fixes.

Major new features in version 2.0

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Enhanced Text Selection

Selecting text is more versatile in Accordance Mobile 2.0. Now, selection handles can be used to select words, phrases, parts of a verse or multiple verses. After the selection is made, a menu will display the options of what can be done with the chosen text: Copy, Highlight, Clear, Share, Define, Note, and Bookmark. Selecting only one word will bring up Instant Details.

AM 2 Select

Social Sharing

One of the new options when selecting text is Social Sharing. Select any Bible verse or passage from a book you're reading and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or any other means of sharing you have set up on your iPhone or iPad.

This same feature will also let you save a text clipping to popular note-taking apps like Evernote and OneNote.

AM 2 Share

Display Enhancements

Accordance Mobile 2.0 includes a number of new font and color settings for text, background color selection, and hyperlink style. Best of all, Accordance Mobile has been updated to take advantage of larger screen sizes such as the iPhone 6 Plus.

AM 2 Display

Link/Unlink Parallel Panes

A new button appears in the parallel pane to Unlink and Link content. Click the Linked button (linked) to unlink the panes; click the Unlinked button (unlinked) to link the panes. When panes are unlinked, each can be navigated independently. This feature is extremely helpful when you need to access two different places in the same text.

AM 2 unlinked columns

Revised Help System

We have added a completely revised and more thorough HTML-based help system. Users can access Help from within Accordance and it can be bookmarked on any device. This brings the same quality of our award-winning desktop Help system to our Mobile App.

AM 2 help

Other Enhancements to Accordance Mobile 2.0

  • Log in verification at setup.
  • New highlights and symbol options.
  • Audio playback bar in relevant modules.
  • Download All option in Easy Install.
  • Search added to Easy Install.
  • Define words with the iOS system dictionary.
  • Enhancements to Night Display.
  • Tool bookmarks.
  • Notification widget.
  • Additional FREE titles for your Accordance Library.

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