Getting Started with Accordance

New to Accordance Bible Software? Here are some introductory tutorial videos to get you started. We recommend viewing these videos full screen and in the order they are listed below.

And don't miss our Getting Started with Accordance manual that comes with every Accordance 12 Starter Collection or higher!

The Accordance Workspace

The Accordance Workspace offers a unified, single-window interface for powerful Bible study. Everything you do in Accordance can be accomplished in this single window.

The Accordance Workspace Toolbar

The Accordance Workspace Toolbar gives you instant access to a wide variety of features and resources.

The Accordance Library Panel

The Accordance Library Panel gives you access to every Accordance resource you own. Use it to find, browse, organize, and open your resources.

Browsing & Searching the Accordance Library Panel

The Accordance Library panel provides a quick and easy way to access and work with all installed modules.

Organizing Your Personal Accordance Library

You can organize the titles in your personal Accordance Library to find what you need quickly and efficiently and to suit your needs for research, study, and reflection.

Understanding Zones & Tabs in Accordance

In Accordance, different kinds of resources are displayed in separate areas of the workspace known as zones. Multiple resources of the same type are displayed as separate tabs within the same zone.

Opening & Amplifying in Accordance

Amplifying a selection lets you instantly go from your current resource to any other resource in your library. In this way, you can move seamlessly through your library in order to explore an idea or follow a train of thought.

Triple-Clicking in Accordance

Triple-clicking is a shortcut to amplifying. When you triple-click a word or verse reference, Accordance will automatically look it up in the appropriate resource. The resource opened will depend on the kind of text you triple-click.


The Accordance Instant Details Panel

The Accordance Instant Details Panel shows instant information about words, hypertext links, and other elements you hover over with your mouse.

Working with the Accordance Search Tab

Use the Accordance Search Tab to interact with Bibles and other ancient texts. It provides everything needed to search for and display these texts.

Searching By Verses in Accordance

The Search Tab can used to find Verses, Phrases, and Words. This video demonstrates how to narrow a verse search to exactly what’s needed for a particular study.

Searching for Words & Phrases in Accordance

In this short Getting Started video, learn how to search for words and phrases in Accordance as well as the difference between Flex and Exact searches.

Searching for Combinations of Words in Accordance

In this brief tutorial, part of our “Getting Started” series, learn how you can search for specific combinations of words in Accordance using search commands.

Refining Your Accordance Search Using Symbols


In addition to a wide range of search commands, Accordance Bible Software employs the use of symbols to further refine the results of your query.

Flex vs. Fuzzy Search: Searching for Approximate Phrases


When you want to find a particular phrase, but can’t remember the exact wording, you can try doing a Flex Search for that phrase, but doing so will find any combination of the words in the phrase rather than an approximation of that specific phrase. The FUZZY command placed before a phrase will search for that approximate phrase, and you can specify just how “fuzzy” you want the search to be.

Limiting Your Search to a Range


There are two ways to limit your search to a specific range of books, chapters, and verses. This short video in our Getting Started Series will show you how.