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Giving Thanks! Great Publishers, Great Works, Great Prices!

Giving Thanks Publishers

As we enter the last couple of months remaining in 2018, our thoughts turn to giving thanks for everything the year has brought. We get to work with great publishers to provide great works to our great users! And in recognition of our thankfulness to you, we have some great prices on new and favorite works. You will not want to miss a brand-new Accordance exclusive: Picture the New Testament. This resource acts as a kind of picture commentary of the New Testament, providing photographs and images—many found nowhere else—for preachers and teachers to use in communicating the Bible's message. We also have a long sought after set of notes from the Disciple's Study Bible. Don't miss these and other specials on favorite dictionaries and other favorite reference works to add to your personal Accordance Library!

Special sale prices on the products featured below cannot be combined with other discounts. Sale prices on all products end Monday, November 12, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST.

Picture the NT_3D_new New Release!
Accordance Original and Exclusive

Picture the New Testament: A PhotoCommentary is designed to help you see the world of the New Testament with your own eyes. While a traditional commentary seeks to explain the meaning of the Bible's words with still more words, Picture the NT illustrates the biblical text with maps and photographs of biblical locations, relevant archaeological finds, even ancient works of art. Display it in parallel with your Bible text, and as you work your way through a passage, you'll see key words and concepts illustrated in a way that will make the Bible come alive. The initial release covers the four Gospels, Acts, and 1-2 Peter; the entire New Testament will eventually be added with free future updates.

Picture the New Testament: A PhotoCommentary
Regular Price $99.90
Sale Price $69.90

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B & H Publishing Group

Disciples Study Bible_120

New Release!
Disciple's Study Bible Notes (1988 Classic Version)

The Disciple's Study Bible is designed to invite readers to become disciples of Jesus Christ and to help disciples enter a new stage of learning from and commitment to Christ's teachings. To help you organize and understand the teachings of the Bible, these teachings are presented under twenty-seven major headings. Each of these headings represents one major biblical theme or doctrine.

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Christian Standard Bible with Strong's Numbers

The Christian Standard Bible captures the Bible's original meaning without compromising clarity. An optimal blend of accuracy and readability, this translation helps readers make a deeper connection with God's Word and inspires lifelong discipleship. The CSB is for everyone—for readers young and old, new and seasoned. It's a Bible pastors can preach from and a Bible you will enjoy studying for a lifetime.

Regular Price $19.90
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InterVarsity Press

IVP Theology 11

IVP Theology Bundle (11 Works)

Contents include:

  • New Dictionary of Theology
  • Global Dictionary of Theology
  • The Theology of the Book of Isaiah (Goldingay)
  • The Indelible Image (Witherington) (2 Volumes)
  • A Little Book for New Theologians: Why and How to Study Theology (Kapic)
  • Two works by N. T. Wright: Evil and the Justice of God, Justification: God's Plan & Paul's Vision
  • Four  (4) works by Roger Olson: The Story of Christian Theology, Arminian Theology, The Journey of Modern Theology, Mosaic of Christian Belief

Regular Price $299
Sale Price $149 (Save 50%)

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IVP Pocket 15

IVP Pocket Dictionaries Bundle (15 Works)

These pocket dictionaries should not be mistaken as tools for in-depth study of any subject, but they are indispensable for quick reference or as a first stop for basic understanding before pursuing a subject more in-depth.

Some of the resources include: Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion, Biblical Studies, Church History, North American Denominations, Ethics, Biblical Hebrew Terms, Biblical Greek Terms, Church History, and Theological Terms.

Regular Price $129
Sale Price $63.90 (Save 50%)

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NTW-Bible Studies_Matt_120

For Everyone Bible Study Guides (N.T. Wright) (19 Volumes)

In this series, the widely respected pastor and New Testament scholar N.T. Wright walks everyday readers book by book through the entire New Testament. These studies use the popular inductive method combined with Wright’s thoughtful insights to bring contemporary application of Scripture to life.

Regular Price $159
Sale Price $79.90 (Save 50%)

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NTW-Small Faith_120

Small Faith – Great God: Biblical Faith for Today's Christian (N.T. Wright)

In the midst of life’s challenges, so often our faith feels small and weak. In this book, one of the world’s premier Bible teachers, N. T. Wright, reminds us that what matters is not so much our faith itself as Who our faith is in.

Regular Price $13.90
Sale Price $8.90 (Save 36%)

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Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing


Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (Revised) (15 Volumes)

This multivolume work is still proving to be as fundamental to Old Testament studies as its companion set, the Kittel-Friedrich Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, has been to New Testament studies.

The TDOT volumes present in-depth discussions of the key Hebrew and Aramaic words in the Old Testament.

Regular Price $699
Sale Price $459 (Save 34%)

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TDNT Complete-sm

Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (10 Volumes)

This monumental reference work, complete in ten volumes, is the authorized and unabridged translation of the famous Theologisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament, known commonly as “Big Kittel” and considered by many scholars to be the best New Testament Dictionary ever compiled. Mediating between ordinary lexicography and the specific task of exposition, TDNT treats more than 2,300 theologically significant New Testament words, including the more important prepositions and numbers as well as many proper names from the Old Testament.

Regular Price $249
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Encyclopedia Christianity_120

The Encyclopedia of Christianity (5 Volumes)

The Encyclopedia of Christianity is a monumental reference work that addresses the broad interest in Christianity and religion around the world today. Comprehensive, up to date, reflecting the highest standards in scholarship yet intended for a wide range of readers, the EC describes the Christian faith and community in their myriad forms today and throughout the 2,000 years of Christian history. The EC also looks outward beyond Christianity, considering other world religions and philosophies as it paints the overall religious and sociocultural picture in which the Christian church now finds itself in the new millennium.

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Eerdmans Commentary_120

Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible

The Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible (ECB) is the finest, most up-to-date single-volume Bible handbook now available.

Written by world-class Bible scholars, the ECB encapsulates in nontechnical language the best of modern scholarship on the sixty-six biblical books plus the Apocrypha. The only one-volume Bible commentary to cover all the texts (even including 1 Enoch) regarded by one or more Christian churches as canonical, the ECB provides reader-friendly treatments and succinct summaries of each section of the text that will be valuable to scholars, students and general readers alike.

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Eerdmans Companion_120

The Eerdmans Companion to the Bible

A top-quality handbook illuminating the Bible’s background, contents, and interpretation. The Eerdmans Companion to the Bible will greatly help readers navigate unfamiliar biblical terrain and deepen their knowledge of areas already familiar to them.

Regular Price $39.90
Sale Price $27.90 (Save 30%)

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Tyndale House Publishers

life app study bible

Life Application Study Bible Notes

One of today's top-selling study Bibles, the Life Application Study Bible's Notes help explain God's Word and challenge readers to apply the truth of Scripture to life. In addition, personality profiles highlight over 100 important Bible characters, and book introductions provide vital statistics, overview, and timeline to help readers understand the message of each book.

Regular Price $29.90
Sale Price $19.90 (Save 33%)

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Application Handbook_120

Handbook of Bible Application (2nd Edition)

How does prayer work? What does the Bible really say about money? Does the Bible have anything to say about friendship? You’ll find answers to these questions and many more, quickly and easily in The Handbook of Bible Application.

Regular Price $24.90
Sale Price $16.90 (Save 32%)

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Baker Publishing Group


Acts: An Exegetical Commentary (4 Volumes) (Keener)

This commentary on Acts, Keener's magnum opus, may be the largest and most thoroughly documented Acts commentary available. Useful not only for the study of Acts but also early Christianity, this work sets Acts in its first-century context.

Regular Price $269
Sale Price $199 (Save 25%)

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Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Account (2 Volumes) (Keener)

Respected New Testament scholar Craig Keener argues that it is time to rethink David Hume’s argument against biblical miracle reports in light of the contemporary evidence available to us. This wide-ranging and meticulously researched two-volume study presents the most thorough current defense of the credibility of the miracle reports in the Gospels and Acts.

Regular Price $69.90
Sale Price $52.90 (Save 24%)

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Augsburg Fortress Press

NTW 5_120

N.T. Wright Collection of Five Works

This bundle contains five works by N.T. Wright published by Fortress Press:

  • Collection of 35 years worth of essays and articles on the Apostle Paul
  • Volumes 1-4 of the Christian Origins and the Question of God series
    • The New Testament and the People of God
    • Jesus and the Victory of God
    • Resurrection of the Son of God
    • Paul and the Faithfulness of God

Regular Price $249
Sale Price $174 (Save 30%)

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