Oct 19, 2010 David Lang

The Greek Grammarians' Choice?

Yesterday I was in a bookstore looking for the companion workbook to William Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek. I found what I was looking for in a stack of Greek grammars, readers, and interlinears. As I looked through this stack of books, I was immediately struck by the fact that the vast majority of them—roughly 80%!—were written by Accordance users. Most of these authors actually mention Accordance in the acknowledgements and describe it as indispensable to their work.

Among the books I was looking through were the most popular first- and second-year teaching grammars being used today, so in a very real sense, Accordance has played an important role in the education of many of today's Greek students.

Why have such a disproportionate number of Greek grammars been written with the help of Accordance? You would have to ask each author his specific reasons, but I suspect they would cite things like Accordance's research-grade Greek texts and study aids, the speed and simplicity with which those resources can be searched, the ability to generate helpful statistical information, the flexibility to format the text however you like, and the ease with which you can export the text for publication.

Whatever the reasons, I think a clear case can be made for labeling Accordance the "Greek Grammarians' Choice."

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October 19, 2010 7:58 PM


Speaking about Mounce's "Basics of Biblical Greek": can you please tell to me if you will be offering the 3rd edition (to replace the current 2nd) in the near feature?

Thank you!!


October 20, 2010 3:54 PM

Do you know if there is a seminary level course in basic and advanced Greek that uses accordance?

David Lang

October 22, 2010 11:00 AM

Michael, we do plan to update Mounce to the 3rd edition, but we currently have so much new material in the pipeline I'm afraid it's not our top priority.

Brian, there are lots of seminary Greek profs who demonstrate Accordance to their students and encourage its use, but I'll have to check on whether anyone actually requires it.


October 22, 2010 8:38 PM


I understand. Thanks for the insight though.