Oct 3, 2013 Darin Allen

Growing Accordance for Mac and Windows Together

This has been a big week for Accordance, as we finally released Accordance for Windows on Monday. Early comments and reviews have been very positive, and we are overwhelmingly appreciative to everyone who has helped share the news via Facebook, Twitter, and email. We have also received a few comments from users who are concerned that our commitment to developing Accordance for Windows will cause development on Accordance for Mac to suffer. I wanted to take a moment to address these concerns and offer some clarification on our growth strategy.




The fact is, the Accordance team has been growing a lot these past few years. In many ways, we’ve never stopped growing since we released Accordance 1.0! This growth has allowed us to bring on a brand new team of Windows developers, and these new developers are the ones who are responsible for bringing you Accordance for Windows. While team members sometimes work together, none of the Windows developers were pulled off the Mac team in order to develop the Windows version, and we do not plan to pull any resources away from the Mac team in the future.

So what about those Mac developers? I’m pleased to say that all of our Mac developers are still working on making Accordance for Mac even better, and they never stopped. For example, while the Windows team was starting to work on Accordance for Windows two years ago, all of our Mac developers were busy developing Accordance 10 for Mac, our most substantial update in years. Moving forward, the Mac team will continue to make Accordance for Mac the best program that it can be. That means refining the user experience, enhancing current functionality, and adding cool new features. Some of those new features were actually released on Monday. That’s right, we released a substantial Mac update with new features on the same day we launched Accordance for Windows. Hopefully, that is an encouraging sign of our ongoing commitment to Mac!


For Mac


Now, some people might feel that we should have taken the resources we put into hiring new Windows developers and instead hired more Mac developers. However, this wouldn’t allow us to grow in the same way. Having a native Windows version opens up many new opportunities, as it allows us to reach a huge segment of computer users who don’t own Macs. As more Windows users discover Accordance, this will have a positive impact on both Windows and Mac development.

Feel free to leave comments or questions below, as we value your feedback. And again, thanks to everyone who has helped us spread the word about the new Windows version. We are truly grateful for the Accordance community and for all the encouragement you have offered us this week!

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