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Hebrew edit tip

How can I quickly switch between English and Hebrew in the Edit window?


In the latest version of Accordance 11 there is an icon in the top left of the Edit window that quickly switches your language and font. The following tip is useful for older versions.

  1. To use the Copy Styles you do not need to set the new styles that you want to copy or save. You only need to click inside any part of the text (in any window) that is already in the style you want to copy.
  2. Use the keyboard shortcuts Command-[ to copy and Command-] to paste the styles.
  3. If you are inserting Hebrew in a text that is basically English, the following routine is useful:
  • Click in Hebrew text, Command-[ to copy the style
  • To change to Hebrew, type an extra space in English, press left arrow to go back a space, Command-] to paste style.
  • To return to English, click the mouse to the right of the last line, beyond the extra space, and continue in English.