Dec 28, 2016 Helen Brown

Hebrew Old Testament Audio

Hebrew Audio-OT_120 What would it be like to hear the voices of Moses, the kings and prophets, and the ordinary people who are quoted in the Hebrew Bible? We cannot know what they sounded like, but we can now enjoy the next best thing: accurate dramatic readings of the entire Hebrew Bible. These meticulous recordings employ different Israeli readers for the different voices and mark the voice of God with an echo. The text is read so clearly and accurately, with emphasis, that the meaning is communicated even when the words are unfamiliar

The one purchase of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) Audio includes two files. The Chapters file lets you hear an entire chpater, or stop the recording at any point. The Verses file lets you hear just the one verse. You may download either or both, and run them in parallel with the text, so that you follow along with the reading.

Here are a couple of samples:

Exodus 3:13

Ruth 2:2

What better way to improve your Hebrew and your Bible knowledge and understanding, whatever your current stage of study?

Hebrew Old Testament Audio
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