Jan 13, 2014 David Lang

It's In There! (The Search Menu, That Is!)

Some time ago, the television ads for a brand of spaghetti sauce used the tag line, "It's in There!" The ads would typically revolve around an Italian father or mother chastising someone for cooking spaghetti sauce from a jar, and they would begin listing the ingredients of a true homemade sauce. Each ingredient would then be answered with something like, "Look, Pop, it's in there!"

When it comes to Accordance, the "It's in There!" slogan could easily be applied to the Search menu at the top of the screen. Everything you need to fill in an Accordance search entry field can be found right there in that menu.

Need to choose from a list of Words, Key Numbers, Lexical Forms, or Inflected Forms? Open the Search menu and you'll find "It's in There!"

InThere1 InThere2

Want a list of every available Search command, like AND, OR, NOT, and WITHIN? Open the Search menu and go to the Enter Command submenu. "It's in There!"


How about a list of every available symbol that can be used to modify a search, such as the asterisk wildcard or the plus sign for root searches? Even if you can't remember all those symbols, you can just go to the Enter Symbol submenu of the Search menu. You'll find whatever symbol you need is "in there!"


And of course, we would never make you memorize arcane abbreviations for Greek and Hebrew grammatical tags. Just go to the Enter Tag submenu of the Search menu and choose the appropriate part of speech (Noun, Verb, etc.). In the dialog box that opens, choose the grammatical characteristics you want and click OK. The appropriate tag will be inserted into your search entry box. Even when it's time to do complex Greek and Hebrew searches, just look to the Search menu and you'll find "It's in There!"


Whenever you need to perform a search, and you're not quite sure how to construct it, try looking to the Search menu and experimenting with some of the options you find "in there." You'll soon find yourself becoming a power user, just because you knew where to look.

Remember: the Search menu—"It's in There!"

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