Jan 15, 2014 David Lang

It's In There Too! (The Contextual Menu, That Is!)

In Monday's post, I explained how everything you need to fill in a blank search entry field is clearly listed and readily available in the Search menu. I encouraged you to explore the options in that menu by borrowing the tag-line from an old spaghetti sauce commercial: "It's in There!"

In upcoming posts, we'll stir the sauce and take a closer look at some of the items that are "in there." But before we do, I want to point out that these options are also available in the contextual menu that appears whenever you right-click in the search entry field. (Mac users can also Control-click to bring up the contextual menu.)


If you're more prone to right-click than to go to the menu bar, remember this tip whenever you need help constructing a search.

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