10-lamp-sm All last week, I wrote a series of posts asking, “Wouldn’t it be nice?” Each post looked at a specific way Accordance could be improved, and offered a carefully cropped screenshot of a version of Accordance still in development. It didn’t take long for you to realize that Accordance 10 must be on its way. Neither did it take long for you to start asking, “When?” I’m delighted to inform you that Accordance 10 is available now! And yes, it sure is nice!

For Accordance 10, we took a hard look at every aspect of the Accordance interface, asking ourselves how we could make it more intuitive for new users, more functional for existing users, and more beautiful for everyone.

10 Unified Window

Rather than making yet another list of what’s new, I’ll simply point you to all the information that’s available. Be sure to check out the new Accordance 10 video, Dr. J’s “First Look” podcast, check out the list of what’s new in 10, or take our full-blown tour of Accordance features.

In addition to redesigning Accordance itself, we’ve completely revamped our main Accordance collections. You should now find it much easier to decide which package to buy, and I think you’ll find these packages offer even more bang for your buck.


As always, you can upgrade to Accordance 10 by upgrading the Accordance application itself, or by upgrading from a previous Accordance collection to one of the new collections. See this page for upgrade details.

Oh, and one more thing… (I’ve always wanted to say that!) We’ve secretly been developing a Windows version of Accordance 10 which is slated for release some time in 2013. Windows users will have to rely on the emulator a bit longer, but they can now look forward to Accordance for Windows.


As you can see, we’ve been hard at work changing everything around here: the app, the collections, the artwork, the website—even the platforms we support. We hope you’ll agree that all these changes are so much very more than “nice”!

Update: Be sure to check out Rick Mansfield’s thorough review of Accordance 10.