May 6, 2011 David Lang

Jewish Tanakh with Strong's Completed

When we first released our Jewish Collection CD-ROM, we included Jewish translations of the Hebrew Bible such as the Jewish Publication Society's Tanakh (JPS) and Everett Fox's translation of the Torah (SB). We also included the Old Testament portion of the King James Bible tagged with Strong's numbers (KJVH). Although not an ideal solution, we included the KJVH so that our Jewish users could have the ability to connect an English translation with the original Hebrew.

A year ago, we released an initial version of the JPS Tanakh with Strong's numbers (JPSS). This initial release featured completed tagging of the Torah and partial tagging of the rest of the Hebrew Bible. Today I'm pleased to announce that the tagging of the entire Tanakh is now complete. The JPS Tanakh is unique among our Bible translations in that it offers a modern, scholarly, Jewish translation of the Hebrew Bible, and Accordance is the only software developer to offer a version of the Tanakh which links to the original Hebrew.

By the way, the appeal of the JPS translation is hardly limited to Jewish users. It is a highly regarded translation which is extremely useful when doing comparative translation work. In the screenshot below, you can see that key number highlighting can make it easy to compare how multiple translations, including the JPS, render a given Hebrew word or phrase.


Here you can see that where most translations render ‏בראשׁית ברא אלהים in Genesis 1:1 as "In the beginning God created," the JPS renders it "When God began to create." Differences like this can prompt Christians to explore the text with fresh eyes and new questions. By the way, if you'd like a good explanation of why the JPS renders the Hebrew this way, be sure to consult the excellent JPS Torah Commentary.

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May 07, 2011 9:18 PM

Interesting! But any chance on releasing (adding) both the Babylonian Talmud and the Jerusalem Talmud in the future to the "jewish" "Collection"?