Mar 8, 2019 Accordance Bible Software

Flexibility & Capability: John Galle's Accordance 25 Story

John Galle The primary reason I became a Macintosh user: Accordance. In 1998, I was living outside the continental United States in the Navy, and my daughter started college in Indiana. I was using a Windows computer and tried to upgrade it to do e-mail; it was a disaster.

About that time I wrote to Dave Powlison, a professor I had while at Westminster Theological Seminary. Dave told me he was using Accordance on his Macintosh.

I’ve never regretted using Accordance. Sales and support people have always been friendly and  responsive. Great bargains at times. What I appreciate the most: Accordance does everything I need and doesn’t get in the way of my study. I can read the ESV and have either the Hebrew or Greek open; word searches are easy; resources abound, and the program is much more capable than I am. I am constantly learning about the next thing Accordance can do. The Podcasts also make is easy to continue learning.

Currently, I am working my way through the Minor Prophets and with the Hebrew text and NIV, ESV and Reformation Study Bibles open, I have a good grasp of the big picture. Flexibility and capability: two great strengths of Accordance!

John A. Galle
Chaplain, US Veterans Affairs

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