Learn Biblical Greek with Accordance and Dr. William Mounce
News for 11.07.11
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Have you ever wanted to learn Biblical Greek, but weren’t sure where to start? If so, we have great news for you. Accordance has partnered together with Dr. William Mounce, author of the best selling textbook Basics of Biblical Greek, to bring you an amazing new way to learn Biblical Greek. The Mounce Greek Study System: Learn Biblical Greek with Accordance is an approachable video guide to learning Greek using the powerful tools available in Accordance.

The first DVD set in the Mounce Greek Study System is The Biblical Greek Primer. This primer will lay the foundation for your Greek studies and enable you to effectively use Strong’s Bibles, perform Greek word studies, and take advantage of better dictionaries and commentaries. This 3 DVD set features over 9 hours of instruction in 11 easy to follow lessons. Each lesson also includes an Accordance screencast, where Dr. Mounce teaches you how to put the lessons you just learned into action in Accordance. View the introductory video below.

The Biblical Greek Primer video is the first in a three-part DVD series for the Mounce Greek Study System. Parts Two (Church Greek) and Three (Functional Greek) will be released in the future and will also feature screencasts in Accordance.

Along with this video series, we have worked with Dr. Mounce to release a new set of modules designed for use with the Mounce Greek Study System. You can purchase these modules individually or together in the Mounce Greek Study System at a discount.

So, are you ready to learn Biblical Greek?

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