Apr 5, 2012 David Lang

Learn to Study the Bible Better with Dr. J

Podcast icon If you haven't watched Dr. J's latest podcasts yet, you're really missing out. Episodes 69–71 all focus on teaching you how to study the Bible more effectively. Episode 69 teaches how to study a single book of the Bible, Episode 70 discusses how to choose the best translation for various Bible study tasks, and Episode 71 focuses on how to read the Bible better.

In each of these podcasts, Dr. J shows how to create an Accordance workspace which will accommodate the Bible study methods he demonstrates. He also discusses how to choose the best resources for each task, and offers an innovative way to organize those resources in your library. While obviously helpful for Accordance users, these podcasts will prove helpful to any student of the Bible. Be sure to watch them and share them with others. In my opinion, they represent some of Dr. J's best work.

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